11/06/2013 09:53 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Time Changes; Are You Man Enough For It?

The end of daylight savings time gives us an hour. What can we do with that hour? I recently started a blog where I use an old manual typewriter to capture my musings. Here's what I used my hour for.


The muse is about manhood. Well at least what it means to me. It's not type A competition. I have outlets enough. The drive to stand on top of the ant hill may be appropriate for pursuing profession but acting like an MBA around the house is the very definition of boorish. As I mature I'm finding manhood becomes more about having the presence of mind to express appreciation. Nothing deserves appreciation more than those you love. Sometimes, I'm even lucky enough to catch it on paper.

The original muse is at The Royal Aristocrat: Lean on Me When You're Not Strong.

One of the more interesting things about this blog entry as it propagates is how men and women have reacted to it. Muted is the best term I have to describe it. What's your take?