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September 30, 2014

GOP Senate Candidate Claims A Bill He Cosponsored Doesn't Exist

Bill Clark via Getty Images

CU Boulder Posts Huge Drop In Pot Punishments

University Of Colorado Marijuana
Chris Hondros via Getty Images

19 Cult Food Destinations Worth Enduring Insanely Long Lines

Shake Shack
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Why 81 Percent Of Teachers Called In Sick At This Denver School

Denver School Protests
John Leyba via Getty Images

Fewer Than One-Third Of Campus Sexual Assault Cases Result In Expulsion

Campus Rape
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Bah! This Man Laughs At Your Rules

Rebel Breaking Rules

15 Times The World's iPhone Obsession Went Entirely Too Far

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Pot-Firing Case Hits State's High Court


Students Protesting Conservative Rewrite Of History Get Big Endorsement

RJ Sangosti via Getty Images

How Much Beer The World Drinks, In 1 Interactive Globe


Man Gets Life Term For Triple Slaying

Police Handout

GOP Congressman Urges U.S. Generals To Resign In Protest Of Obama

Bill Clark via Getty Images

This Is The AP U.S. History Course Some Conservatives Want Dropped

Chad Mcdermott via Getty Images

17 Numbers That Will Make You Realize Just How Pathetic The Federal Minimum Wage Is

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Nearly 1,000 Colorado Students Protest A Conservative Call To Change Their History Curriculum

Kathryn Scott Osler via Getty Images

Rick Steves Hitting The Road In Support Of Oregon Marijuana Legalization

MCT via Getty Images

GOP Congressman Warns Of The Real Social Ill Destroying American Values: Marijuana

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Natural Gas Not The Solution To Reducing Emissions, Study Says

Shutterstock / Calin Tatu

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Eric Holder Signals Support For Marijuana Reform Just As He's Heading Out The Door


Following Backlash, U.S. Forest Service Says Media Won't Need Permits To Shoot On Federal Land

Helen H. Richardson via Getty Images

Cops Bust 'Brazen' Meth Taco Ring

Colorado Attorney General's Office

This Is How Denver High School Students Are Protesting Proposed Curriculum Changes

Twitter: Nic Garcia

Denver Deputies Who Killed Homeless Man Obeyed Rules: Lawyer

Denver Sheriff Dept

FBI Study Finds Mass Shootings On The Rise, Often End Before Police Can Respond


You Can Visit The National Parks For Free This Weekend

Helen H. Richardson via Getty Images

The U.S. Wants You To Know It's Great At Blowing Stuff Up With Its Ridiculously Expensive Toys

Department of Defense

Threats Made To The Child Of A Colorado School Board Member