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August 22, 2014

'Kissed By A Pit' Challenges Dog Lovers To Get Slobbered On For Shelter Pups

Kiss A Pit

'Isn't Losing An Eye Enough?' Battered Veterans Struggle To Restart Their Lives After War

Battered Vets

Ferguson: The Untold Story

Ferguson Volunteers
Amanda Terkel/The Huffington Post

10 Ways You Can Help The People Of Ferguson

Ferguson Protests

WATCH: Moose Turns Sprinkler Into A Water Fountain

Moose Sprinkler

Veteran Cop: 'If You Don't Want To Get Shot,' Shut Up -- Even If We're Violating Your Rights

Tetra Images via Getty Images

Here's What $100 Is Worth In Each State

The Tax Foundation

The NRA's Latest Political Target Isn't Even A Candidate

John Gress via Getty Images

Hot And Getting Hotter: Heat Islands Cooking U.S. Cities

Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

So What If Michael Brown Had Marijuana In His System When He Was Killed?


Moral Monday Movement Expands To 12 States For Week Of Protests

Alicia Funderburk via Getty Images

Man Allegedly Shoots 13-Year-Old Over Pot

John Foxx via Getty Images

Is Bike Sharing Really Climate Friendly? It's Complicated.

Cyrus McCrimmon via Getty Images

Photographer Sends His Kids Back In Time With These Moving Vintage Photos

tyler orehek

It Doesn't Matter If Michael Brown Stole A Box Of Cigars


New York May Not Be The City That Never Sleeps After All

inigofotografia via Getty Images

We Don't Really Know How To Treat Depression And Alcoholism At The Same Time

Adrian Samson via Getty Images

Just Because You're Not Breaking The Law, Doesn't Mean You Won't Get Arrested

Robert Cohen / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Last Competitive Republican Senate Primary To Produce Opponent For Vulnerable Dem Senator


NFL Breakout Stars You Need To Know

Getty Images

Rockies Player Hits For His Second Career Cycle

Dustin Bradford via Getty Images

Olympian Dremiel Byers Caught Hunting Deer With Bow And Arrow At Lexus Dealership: Police

Doug Pensinger via Getty Images

Immigration Reform Could Swing Two Key Races In Colorado

RJ Sangosti via Getty Images

Fight Emerges Over Birth Control In Key Race

RJ Sangosti via Getty Images

‘National Moment Of Silence' Attendees Share Powerful Reasons Why Police Brutality Must Stop


Hunting Outfitter Admits Injuring Wild Cats To Make Hunts Easier


Broncos Crush 49ers In Preseason Game

Ezra Shaw via Getty Images