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Chris Williams


Voting Matters

Chris Williams | Posted November 12, 2012

The importance of voting is paramount in this 2012 election cycle, because if Americans choose not to fight these vicious voter-ID laws or stay at home once again, the future of the United States will be bleak, and history that we want no part of will be made.
Marcus Samuelsson


Eat Globally, Eat Better!

Marcus Samuelsson | Posted November 12, 2012

Here are 10 of my favorite recipes that highlight dishes that are so full of flavor you don't have to eat a lot.
Ira Chernus


The Simple Message Dems Are Missing

Ira Chernus | Posted November 12, 2012

Barack Obama needs a good elevator speech. So does every political activist. It's the quick little speech you give a stranger you meet on an elevator about your group's goal, why it matters, and why that stranger should support you.
Michael Brown


Ending the Dropout Crisis: The Next Moon Shot

Michael Brown | Posted November 12, 2012

Just 12 percent of America's high schools produce half of the nation's dropouts. For an education moon shot, improving the nation's chronically underperforming schools is where the Eagle has to land. And like the moon landing, it will take new technologies to solve the dropout crisis.