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March 31, 2015

How Police And Prosecutors Are Treating 'Rapping While Black' Like A Crime

Diverse Images/UIG via Getty Images

Dad Eats Daughter's Pot Brownies, Thinks He's Having A Stroke: Cops

Photo by Brian T. Evans

'Southpaw' Trailer Features A Super Beefed-Up Jake Gyllenhaal


Video Shows Cops Brutally Beating Unarmed Black Man In Michigan

WDIV/Local 4 Defenders

NCAA Schools Can Absolutely Afford To Pay College Athletes, Economists Say

Grant Halverson via Getty Images

Historic Medical Marijuana Bill Gains Momentum

RJ Sangosti via Getty Images

Pit Bull Credited For Protecting Owner From Domestic Violence Is Getting Kicked Out Of Town

Jaimie Kraczkowski

Eviction Officers Find Woman's Body In Freezer

Siede Preis via Getty Images

Michigan Governor Pardons Politically Connected Lawyer

Joshua Lott via Getty Images

The First Annual Huffington Post Weedvent Calendar

Tru Cannabis, Denver Colorado

Hillary Clinton Moved Her Head, According To Crack Campaign Reporters

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Michigan May Allow Adoption Agencies To Refuse Service To Gay Couples

Guido Mieth via Getty Images

13 People You Never Want To Meet At A Bar


'Daylight Saving' The Movie ... Daylight Is Back, But Your Hour Is Gone

Nacho Punch

Best Fits For NFL's Marquee Wide Receiver Free Agents

Tom Pennington via Getty Images

Here's How To Talk About Race In Starbucks Terms


Your Bracket May Be Busted, But Here's Why You Need To Keep Watching March Madness

Jared Wickerham via Getty Images

Every Other Thursday At Midnight, You're All About That 'Direct Deposit Lyfe'

YouTube / Wait What


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How A Famous Muralist Turned Sketches Into A Masterpiece

Motor Prep
Detroit Institute of Arts

This Abandoned House Will Be Entirely Filled With Flowers

Flower House Outside
Heather Saunders

Here's What Happened When Detroit Youth Got Real With Police

James Craig Detroit

5 Teams That Could Ruin Your March Madness Bracket


5 NCAA Tournament Cinderellas To Consider

Getty Images

Real Cats Are Not Impressed By Guys' Catcalling Skills Either


Oklahoma's Black Greek Organizations 'Extremely Disturbed' By Racist Frat Video

Wesley Hitt via Getty Images

5 NCAA Tournament Sleepers You Need To Know For Your Bracket


The Only St. Patrick's Day Drinking Game That Could Prevent You From Puking

HuffPost Comedy