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Devon Corneal


Father's Day Books

Posted: 06/14/2012 12:05 pm

Here's to all the dads out there who bandage skinned knees (usually after starting the wrestling match that caused them) and give shoulders to cry on. The men who coach sporting teams, chaperone school dances, and who brave the local mall. A toast to fathers who change diapers and give bottles and tenderly tuck kids into beds and those who work late and sometimes miss those moments. I hope each of you will sleep in, get a non-burned breakfast in bed and then takes the day to enjoy the families you've created. For moms looking for a last minute gift, here are some lovely books about dads -- perfect for a Father's Day bedtime.

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  • "Just Because You're Mine" by Sally Lloyd-Jones

    I love this sweet story about a squirrel and his dad. Little Red Squirrel really wants to know why his dad loves him so much. Is it because he's brave? Fast? An amazing tree climber? Fathers everywhere already know that none of that matters, but kids will delight in Little Red Squirrel's antics as he tries to impress his dad and learn the secret behind a father's love.

  • "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney

    First squirrels, now rabbits. Maybe there's something in the water, but these animal dads have got it going on. With simple illustrations, this classic follows little Little Nut Brown Hare as he tries to prove he loves his dad more than his dad loves him. With a final whisper at bedtime, Big Nutbrown Hare shows that a father's love reaches to the moon and back. Honestly, I get a little teary each time I read this.

  • "My Dad is the Best Playground" by Luciana Navarro Powell

    Sometimes I forget how charming board books can be. They're simple, indestructible, and go straight to the point. This book fits right into the hands of your tiniest ones, who know that dads are meant for climbing and wrestling and swinging. But give dad a break this weekend, it's Father's Day after all.

  • "Faster! Faster!" by Leslie Patricelli

    Although Leslie Patricelli's earlier books have taught my son to color on walls and pull the dog's tail, all is forgiven with "Faster! Faster!" With minimal words and bold illustrations, Patricelli captures the joy kids experience playing with their dads.

  • "Oh, Daddy" by Bob Shea

    There is something about blue hippos that makes me smile. At least I think they're hippos. If you've ever used reverse psychology to get your kids to do something, you'll appreciate how this dad mixes humor and persuasion to get his little one dressed and out the door. Besides, who doesn't want to see a hippo with underwear on his head?

  • "My Father Knows the Names of Things" by Jane Yolen

    Anyone else have one of those annoying dads who knows how to do everything and seems to carry an encyclopedia in his back pocket? If your kids are lucky enough to have a dad like this, "My Father Knows the Names of Things" will feel familiar. Jane Yolen's lovely rhymes celebrate those dads who guide and teach and make sense of the world by naming it for us.


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