06/07/2010 02:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Roethlisberger Speaks! Well, Sort of...

As embattled Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger ended his day of practice last Thursday, he did something he's failed to consistently do since last season.


Roethlisberger issued a brief statement about his well-being to reporters. After Big Ben made his statement he was even kind enough to answer some questions.

Just two mind you.

Roethlisberger started out by saying, "I appreciate it guys. I know you guys have been waiting for a long time to talk to me as I have to you."

Yeah, right.

Roethlisberger had plenty of time to come forward and speak. The media had plenty of chances to demand he make some type of statement and field some real questions. Instead Roethlisberger has been sequestered and treated like he's exempt from facing the music.

Interesting how the same mainstream media attacked Michael Vick, Tiger Woods and Plaxico Burress, yet they take it easy on the elite white quarterback in the NFL.

I've consistently maintained Roethlisberger has been protected by the media. Journalists have had ample time to demand he speak and ask relevant questions about his situation. Here's one of the two questions Roethlisberger was asked:

Q: You got a lot of public support from your teammates: Do you see this as a new beginning?
Are you kidding me?

Is this the best one can come up with given the possible consequences Roethlisberger was facing?

Here's Roethlisberger's response: "I've put a lot of thought into my life, decisions that I've made in the past that I've been sitting at home thinking about things. I've been working closely with the commissioner on ways to make changes, corrections."

How about asking him about what specifically did he learn in his behavioral treatment and where it took place?

How about asking what's the biggest lesson he's learned from almost facing trial for sexual assault?

How about asking Roethlisberger about his pending sexual assault case from 2008?

The type of baby-cake questions the media asks the likes of Roethlisberger coupled with his silence merely adds to the premise he's being protected.

It's safe to assert that if it were Vick, Donovan McNabb or the likes of Burress I'm quite sure the latter athletes would be induced to speak and field much harder questions from an eager media.

Roethlisberger ended his two-minute appearance by stating, "Like I said, it's a new chapter, and I'm looking forward to it, and it starts with football. I'm glad to be back here... I'll be talking to you guys a lot more."

I'm quite sure he'll be talking to the media more. Facing such weak questions coupled with his controlling of the media all but assures this situation will merely get swept under the rug with the passage of time.

What else is new?