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Kate Beckinsale's Prosciutto Dress?

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I love eating pig. If, God forbid, I had to forsake all meats but one, I would cling to pork. And I honestly believe my passion for "the other white meat" comes from being Chinese. Pork is, like, my birthright. Almost all of my favorite Chinese dishes have pig in them. I feel sorry for vegetarians who go to Chinese restaurants (or China, for that matter) in search of something tasty without it. The first amendment that I would make to the Bible is that part in Leviticus where it says eating cloven-hoofed animals is unclean. It makes me sad that pigs are as intelligent as dogs, so I've vowed never to keep one as a pet (unlike my next-door neighbor), lest it get in the way of my eating proclivities.

That said, I could never actually wear pig, like Kate Beckinsale did Saturday at the 4th Annual Pink Party, which benefits cancer research:

I'm sorry, but a dress made out of prosciutto is just not kosher, even in my book.