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Mara Shapshay

Do It For The Kids

Mara Shapshay | Posted May 29, 2012

This past Sunday, my stomach bungee jumped to my ankles when I watched this beautiful, young mother with her doting husband and their cherubic baby as they ate eggs benedict at brunch. Fine, I'm envious -- I always wanted my own Nicholas Sparks Sunday brunching scene, but that was not...

Henry Gornbein

11 Things All Good Divorce Lawyers Need To Know

Henry Gornbein | Posted May 23, 2012

Judges often look down upon divorce; I've seen one judge refer to family court as the kiddie court. Why? Because divorces are messy, complicated and emotional. People often become totally irrational during a divorce. It is therefore up to the lawyers to make sense of the process. Here are 11...

Lamar Tyler

If The Obamas Considered Divorce, That Makes Us Love Them Even More

Lamar Tyler | Posted May 23, 2012

As election season kicks into high gear, we'll be hearing more personal information about both potential candidates for the United States Presidency. Just like they did four years ago, all types of accusations and claims will be made in an attempt to specifically damage the image of President Barack Obama...

Linda Lipshutz, MS, ACSW

Must Divorced Fathers Become Second Class Citizens?

Linda Lipshutz, MS, ACSW | Posted May 23, 2012

It was the last straw. The Millers (details have been changed) had invited Greg's ex-wife Susan to their annual barbecue with the kids, and hadn't even taken the time to explain to Greg why he'd been overlooked. It really hurt, especially because he had spent hours last summer helping the...