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Divya Gugnani


5 Ways To Use Up Old Berries

Posted: 07/08/10 05:59 PM ET

This time of year, it becomes hard to walk through a grocery store or farmers' market without coming across baskets full of -- you guessed it -- fresh summer berries. But if you're like me, your eyes are usually bigger than your stomach and you either wind up with moldy, mushy berries you never get around to eating, or simply get tired of making boring fruit salads. Here are 5 fun new ways to use up those berries this summer:

Raspberry Ham Frittata
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Raspberries and ham? Oh yes. The folks over at Driscoll's concocted this recipe that combines traditional omelette ingredients like eggs, ham and hash browns with the freshness of raspberries. The tartness of the berries provides the perfect contrast to the starchy potatoes.

Tip: Since the frittata gets cooked anyway, you can use raspberries that are already slightly mushy ( one will ever know).

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