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Divya Gugnani


A Recipe For My Wedding: Fitted Ingredients For The Big Day

Posted: 07/30/10 07:21 PM ET

If you're like me, your hoping that your wedding day will not include traffic jams en route to the church, food poisoning from the seafood buffet, 12 people trying to sit down at a table that seats 10, or pieces of chocolate cake between your teeth in your photos . Not to worry, fellow brides, there's still one thing that even the worst luck won't ruin: you! But that also means it's crunch time (for your body, not your mouth), so it's time to start thinking about the little things you can do to look your best on the big day.

Since no one wants to look like a bloated, hormonal bridezilla, I consulted with NYC nutritionist Martha McKittrick (check out her blog!) and got a crash course in Bridal Beauty--no fad diets or fasting required. Instead, she's sharing her tips for eating your way to glowing skin, healthy hair and a flawless figure.

Booze Control
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It's no surprise all the wedding planning can drive us to happy hour a bit earlier than usual. But remember, booze leads to dehydration and potential beer bellies, so keep your intake to a minimum for a few weeks prior to the wedding. Not only is alcohol empty calories you could do without, but it can decrease your willpower to watch what you eat and result in late-night snack sessions. Instead, put down the wine glass and save up for the open bar celebrations on your actual wedding day. You still haven't tied the knot, so you shouldn't be desperate for a drink quite yet (kidding, of course).

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