05/19/2010 01:34 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Spring Fever!

During the first part of spring, the vernal birth waters break. The skies open. It rains, it pours, it mists, it drips fertilizing fluids from the heavens, which fructify the fields. The air is damp like a baby's bottom. The land is soaked through, water logged. The mud, like mucous, like after-birth, is seething with the stuff of life.

The defrosting sodden soil is teeming, churning with every creepy crawly thing that ever slithered out of a swamp. Hordes of birds descend, drawn by the juicy feast. Animals awaken from their pregnant hibernations, skinny, starving and suckling their young. Birds and beasts, alike, set out on a concerted feeding frenzy, gorging themselves and their ravenous, insatiable, mouths-ever-open offspring.

By mid-spring, the tantrum storms, the terrible two's of the early, chilly part of the season have finally stilled. The winds and rains have gentled. There is a new calmness, a certain steadier confidence in the air. Nature has dug in Her roots and taken hold. Once-tentative buds have unfolded and flourished.

Flowers, food and forage are abundant and extravagantly fragrant. The leaves on trees and bushes are that particular fresh, fluorescent pea green shade that we see only at this time of the year. Earth and Her species are spread green with the surging effervescent, aphrodisiac substance of life. The sap, the shoot, the root, the bud, the bark, the branch, the trunk, the tree of life.

The second half of spring is the growing time when life seems to shoot up out of the ground and keep on going forever forward, reaching and grasping for growth. This is the energy that we used to call, "the wonder years." All the vernal newborns, having outgrown generations of teeth, baby down, feathers, pelts and ridiculously expensive sneakers, are now frenetic with raging hormones. All-too-ready, set to go and strike out on their own, determined to produce and reproduce.

The merry month of May marks the high-spirited puberty rite of passage into adolescence for the flora and fauna offspring of Mother Earth. The season, itself, is a bang-up celebration of exuberant youth in all its boundless energy, innocent ardor and potential creativity. And in this moonth of the Flower Moon, all the land is dressed up and decorated for the festivities.

On these glorious days of May, it feels as if the whole world is in the throes of a contagious spring fever. We are aswirl in a delirious dance of motion, emotion, an exhilarating carnival ride of heady smells and riotous color. Life all around is gaudy, giddy, giggly.

And the mood is catchy. We get carried away in the enthusiastic spirit of this vernal season of green delights. Almost without giving it any thought, we are suddenly cheerful, hopeful and optimistic as Nature, Herself. Here we are refreshed, revived, ready to spring forward into life full force with renewed energy and verve.