Learning From Tragedy

07/25/2012 11:13 am ET | Updated Sep 23, 2012

When a horrific tragedy befalls us like the massacre of innocent lives in Colorado, we are compelled to search our souls for answers to questions: "Why did this happen?" "How could someone do this?" " Is it possible to comprehend any trace of meaning in the wake of such a senseless act?"

I, myself, have racked my brain and delved deep into my spiritual side to try and find answers to questions like these. My hope is that the thoughts that follow will help you, too, in some way, answer your own personal questions...

1) Just as there is great good in the world, there is also immense evil, and the two sides play tug-o-war. It's a back and forth struggle. Whenever "good" appears to be winning, "evil" desperately tries to knock it off balance. However, we know that when the human spirit is faced with grave circumstances, it rallies and only becomes that much stronger.

2) Every individual has "free will." We are each given a choice as to how we will use it. We may choose to use our free will to do good or evil in the world. It is crucial not to waver, but to take a firm stance on one side or the other. It's obvious which choice most of us have made.

3) Victims and survivors of tragedy are awe-inspiring teachers of humanity. They instill in us feelings of compassion, sympathy and empathy. No one ever dies in vain. No one ever suffers in vain. It is the job of the rest of us to be the students and to learn as much as we possibly can from their extraordinary feats of courage. They are leading the human race toward the evolution and creation of a world that understands only love and respect for the sanctity of life itself.

Hearing stories of the many heroes who didn't think twice before standing in harm's way sacrificing their own lives so that others might live, and believing that many survivors will go on to bring peace and comfort to witnesses of other tragedies and to their families, just proves once again that good is always winning.