08/30/2006 01:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ann Coulter or Tucker Carlson -- Who's the Bigger Baby?


They love to dish it out, but God forbid someone actually asks them to support their crazy rantings. This week, Tucker Carlson -- who shares with Ann Coulter the humiliation of being slapped around on national TV himself (thank you, Jon Stewart!) -- has rushed to poor Ann Coulter's defense after her freakout on last Thursday's Hannity & Colmes.

Carlson is whining that poor Ann was treated "rudely" by Kirsten Powers who Tucker says has "bad manners" because she wouldn't allow Ann to answer the question.

Is he joking?! Has he ever watched a clip of himself on CNN's now-defunct Crossfire? Or of any other conservative host? More importantly, Tucker edits the clip of so that you miss the entire first half of the segment where Kirsten was unbelievably polite to Ann, while Ann makes snotty and dismissive comments. The reality is, Ann was given ample time to answer the question, and she chose instead to take a dig at Kirsten. She used up her time, and Kirsten moved on. What's so rude about that?

And naturally Tucker ignores the entire section where Sean Hannity berates Michael Brown and barely lets him get a word out. Despite Sean's treatment, you don't see Michael Brown throwing a hissy fit or ripping his mic off. When Brown -- who did a brilliant job representing the Democrats -- was talked over by Sean Hannity, he politely listened and then made his points. When Ann was spoken over, she freaked out and walked off the set. Maybe she learned this behavior from Bob Novak, who memorably stormed off the set of Crossfire when he was asked questions he didn't like. Apparently, the big mean Democrats are just too scary for them.

It's time to grow up conservatives. If you don't like to answer questions, don't be a public figure. It's pretty simple. And stop whining about treatment that you dish out to Democrats every single day.