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Doug Lansky


The 7 Funniest 'Crap Souvenirs' of the Month (PHOTOS)

Posted: 07/25/11 02:42 AM ET

Please send us photos of your favorite kitsch souvenirs! Things you may have picked up years ago and are still dotted around your house or things you didn't even dare to buy. Time to kill after you pass airport security? Swing by the gift shop and snap a pic of the most kitsch thing you can spot. We're giving out a new iPad2 to the photographer of the best one.

Send them in at (just takes a minute and doesn't cost a thing). Check out more kitsch souvenirs, share your favorites with friends via Facebook or try writing better captions than the stuff I came up with -- shouldn't be too hard.

Brave Stuffed Rabbit Smoking a Hookah Pipe
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Where: Libya
Credit: Alexandra C. Watkins
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