05/25/2010 04:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Calif. Deserves Best Governor Money Can Buy (VIDEO)

If you live in California, or have walked past a TV here in the last six months, you've been exposed to a knockdown dragout fight over the Republican nomination for governor.

And if you haven't heard, do I envy you.

If you overheard their names in passing, and didn't read them, you might get the impression that a white man and a poisoner are going after someone brown. And you'd be absolutely right.

But California isn't Arizona. We don't hold with bashing Hispanics...not when there are also poor people we can stomp when they're down.

And one thing you can be sure of, whether the Republican candidate will be billionaire Meg Whitman (of E-bay), or humble near-billionaire Steve Poizner (of Silicon Valley): They both agree that keeping taxes low for the super-rich will move California forward. Of course, directly ahead of the state is bankruptcy, but you can't expect them to raise their own taxes just to swerve around that little pothole.

After all, Meg and Steve are already spending millions of their own money to buy a governor's mansion. If their little bidding war doesn't shore up California housing prices, I don't know what will. Meantime, before Election Day there's still time for another dozen of the most entertaining TV ads this side of pro wrestling.