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Doug's Dozen: 12 More Baz Luhrmann Mistakes in The Great Gatsby

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Last year, the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby remake showed a long shot in which the filmmakers misspelled the iconic name of Broadway's Ziegfeld Follies.

I'm assured that they've fixed that mistake. But with the movie opening this week, I'm afraid I've found...

Doug's Dozen: 12 More Baz Luhrmann Mistakes in The Great Gatsby:

1. America was never known as "U.A.S."

2. "Great Gatsby!" was not an expression yelled by exasperated editors

3. Nick Carraway should be a human being, not a seed

4. Similar mistake re Daisy Buchanan

5. Jazz Age Americans did not use live clams as currency

6. People did not say, "Save up some dough, the Depression's coming"

7. There was never a President named Hoover Vacuum

8. No one drank "toilet gin"

9. Indian attacks were rare in Manhattan

10. Kangaroos not native to Long Island

11. Flying cars would not be invented until 2015

12. Almost no Americans of that era had three arms