09/23/2011 12:37 pm ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

Day 18: Almost Done!

Our 21-day Cleanse is coming to a close soon, and many of you have asked about the next steps. You have changed your eating habits and have more energy and vitality, and maybe even lost some weight.

So what comes next?

After your Cleanse, the next step is to try the Revive program. This is a 4-week program that is designed to ramp up your energy, boost the immune system and increase your resilience to stress.

You will have a shake each morning with a greens powder and whey protein powder. Most people add fruit and make a delicious smoothie.

You will also take a pack of supplements containing an adaptogen to help manage stress, a probiotic to support gut health, a multi-vitamin to promote cellular health and vitamin D, a key supplement involved with multiple metabolic processes in the body.

Revive starts your day by flooding your body with vital nutrients to enhance mental and physical energy. The eating plan is less restrictive than the cleanse -- you can re-introduce all the fruits, nightshade vegetables, eggs, some cheese and dark chocolate. But the diet still eliminates the common foods that often irritate the system.

• For those who do not wish to continue with the Revive program, we encourage you to continue with our Sustain supplements. Sustain is a monthly supplement kit that provides the essential nutrients most people are deficient in and are the key nutrients needed for ongoing health and vitality.

Tune in tomorrow for information about how to re-introduce the foods you've been avoiding on the cleanse.

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