Newcomers to Miami Risk Bad Breath From Spicy Cuisine

08/06/2010 02:40 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

It seems as though the entire country is talking about LeBron James' decision to join fellow all-stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami next season. His move to South Beach has caught the attention of the basketball world and many observers expect several championships to follow. However, with the city's unique cuisine and many more opportunities for late nights out, the star will have to be careful to avoid bad breath.

The city is known for its nightlife. The countless bars, clubs and restaurants may offer James a place to cut loose when he is not on the basketball court. However, they may also offer many temptations that can contribute to halitosis.

Cuban food is a favorite of many Miami residents, and eating establishments throughout the city cater to this. While these dishes may be tasty, they can also contribute to bad breath. The food is generally cooked with strong spices and often incorporates salted meats. Common sauces are heavy on the garlic and onions. Additionally, many dishes are served with a side of beans.

All of these foods have extremely strong odors. Once eaten, their smells can be absorbed into the blood stream and linger in the digestive tract, periodically escaping through the mouth.

If visitors and newcomers to the city hope to avoid bad breath during their time in Miami they are going to have to be careful about the types of restaurants they eat at. The temptation may exist for them to overindulge in the city's rich, traditional cuisine. However, doing so may leave their breath less than fresh.

Assuming newcomers to the city are able to avoid this pitfall, one of Miami's other main attractions may hold serious consequences for their breath. The city is known for its nightlife. Lounges and clubs may offer the area's high-rollers an escape from the stresses of a fast-paced life.

However, alcoholic beverages, which may be hard to avoid in these settings, are known to be a major source of bad breath. Cocktails can leave behind a very strong odor for hours after they have been drunk. Bar-goers often leave establishments with foul-smelling breath.

Those who frequently stay out late often have poor dental hygiene habits, too. It can be difficult to fall into a routine in which you are taking proper care of your mouth if you are frequently out late.

Residents who make the most of the city's culture may have a higher risk of experiencing bad breath.