04/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

6 Keys To Manifesting Your Potential

Last week, we began a discussion called Who's Minding Your Potential? You can read that article here. I borrowed an idea from my friend, James Lynch, that you can best mind your own potential by becoming your own Chief Potential Officer. This week, we're going to investigate how to best utilize this important asset.

Now that your CPO has been hired and installed in the corner office, what's the first order of business? Don't you want to ensure that you're getting the biggest bang for your buck? No bloated salary for this chief executive, your CPO stands ready to deliver the goods. All that's necessary is for you to place your order.

You have at your disposal a most powerful tool. Used correctly, it has the ability to manifest your greatest dreams. Misunderstood and misused, it has the power to keep you on the treadmill of life, wondering why things never work out the way you want.

Key One

Your most powerful tool for manifesting what you want is to know and honor the power of your word. Yup, it's that simple, yet your word used improperly can make things very complicated. So let's learn how to use it effectively.

Your CPO is just like a short order cook. He or she (or It) is standing there with menu in hand, waiting for you to order up exactly what you want. The trick is, you need to be clear that you're really ordering up what you want instead of what you don't want.

Your CPO is so ready to deliver, when your consciousness hears the word "want", the order goes in. Whatever is thought or spoken after the word "want" is what gets served up.

So how does this work? If you're like a lot of people, you might be much more sure about what you never want to have happen again in your life than you are about what you do want. You might have just ended the relationship from h-e-l-l and say to yourself, "I never want that to happen again!" Guess what the CPO hears and orders? "Want that to happen again!" Guess what happens? That again!

Have you ever felt like you've recycled the same bad relationship over and over again only each time with a different face? Well, now you know why. The CPO has been following orders. If your focus is on what you don't want, you're going to get more of it. The principle behind this:

Key Two

We always get more of what we're focused on.

According to Webster, potential is defined as "the inherent capacity for coming into being." Think of it as the formless state that precedes form. All that is now form once existed in its formless state as pure potential with the capacity for becoming anything.

What determines how potential will be drawn into and shaped as form? Before you can manifest anything in your life, you must first have it in your consciousness as a thought-form. But here's where it starts to get tricky.

Some of what we manifest comes from conscious thought, but much of it comes from what's going on in the subconscious mind, as thought-forms that exist below the level of our conscious awareness.

If the subconscious mind is filled with content that affirms your limitations, i.e., thoughts or beliefs that attack your worthiness, self-confidence and self-worth, lack and limitation is what will manifest at the conscious level. And you'll wonder why you end up not creating what you want.

Key Three

Consciousness Aligns With Itself

There is a principle in manifestation that says, "Consciousness aligns with itself." Thoughts take form in language and we speak our reality into existence. Thoughts like, "I hate my body" become words like "I'm so fat, who could ever love someone like me?" become the reality of being alone and feeling unloved.

Our thoughts and beliefs are not inherent truths but they became so as we affirm them. We think and then we speak and our thoughts and words take form and create our reality.

This is where your CPO comes in. Its job is to be the keeper at the gate to the portal of your potential. When you start to go down the road of lack and limitation, your CPO's job is to notify you where your mind is going so you can wake up and choose consciously whether or not you want to continue down this road.

Sometimes, our beliefs about lack and limitation are so strong, they can challenge even the most vigilant CPO. It's role is to remind you that thoughts of lack and limitation are not in alignment with your true nature. This is an error in thinking which requires an intervention and a correction. Your CPO is also your Chief Correctional Officer, by the way. But sometimes it has to operate over some very "noisy" old beliefs still rattling around in your consciousness.

Key Four

Align With Your Highest Potential

Potential itself, is not defined by limitation, in fact the exact opposite is true. Potential by definition, is unlimited. To align then, with your unlimited nature, to bring your conscious awareness to that formless state where all things are possible, brings you into attunement with the state of pure Being, existing beyond form.

This is the realm Wayne Dyer refers to in his book, The Power of Intention, as a "field" characterized by the qualities of kindness, creativity, love, responsibility, abundance, intimacy and connectivity. Aligning yourself with the energetic qualities of this field, says Dyer, gives you access to creating your life from this place.

Try this experiment:

1) Close your eyes, take a few slow, deep breaths and settle into the silence.

2) Visualize your CPO. Notice if you see it as pure energy or if it has human-like qualities.

3) Connect your energy and awareness to this guardian at the portal. Allow yourself to merge with it, until there is only one energy.

4) Feel this energy flowing throughout your body. Stay here for awhile and enjoy this space.

5) When you're ready, declare what you want as a truth that is already so. Speak in present-tense, as in "The abundance of the universe is flowing through me." Or, "I am blessed with abundance and prosperity in all affairs of my life." Or "I enjoy perfect health. I am healthy and strong." "I am creating love and intimacy." You get the idea ...

Key Five

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

With your eyes still closed, express gratitude for your declaration as a state that is already fulfilled. Giving thanks for the blessings that are yet to come is a key to attracting more.

Key Six

Declare it accomplished. /p>

Your CPO is on your team to support you in consciously aligning your thoughts and words with that of your greatest and highest potential. Speak your word, not as in asking, but as fait accompli, for at some level it already is.

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