03/28/2008 02:48 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

A New Concept In Wellness From The Father Of Aerobics

While they say that home is where the heart is, Dr. Kenneth Cooper makes the case for where you live also benefiting your heart rate, blood pressure, and overall state of health and wellness. Modern "medical" fitness can be directly traced to the 1960s when he first introduced his revolutionary book, Aerobics. Ever since, Dr. Cooper has been known as the "Father of Aerobics" and still remains a vital pioneer in the world of healthy living. A crowning culmination of this lifelong commitment is his latest venture with his son, Dr. Tyler Cooper, in their home state of Texas.

CooperLife at Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas offers full time residents a total immersion in healthier lifestyles from the time they wake until the time they hit the pillow at night. This first of its kind 155-acre community outside of Dallas, includes a 75,000 square-foot Cooper Aerobics Center, a world-class cardio and strength training center, a spa, and an awe inspiring range of active lifestyle offerings and amenities. In addition, the meals will be prepared by a leading team of nutritionists who can provide the proper balance to every meal. As a result, every resident will be given the perfect opportunity to eat well, live well and exercise well.

A full medical staff will also be available to make house calls and conduct regular annual and six month full service physicals with residents. These extensive check-ups and personalized exercise programs will directly draw upon the trailblazing findings and research of Dr. Cooper himself. Continuing to operate his enormously successful Cooper Clinic for several decades, Dr. Cooper has given "Gold Standard" physical exams to over 90,000 patients and has successfully taken a commitment to physical excellence to a whole new level.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper first began his career as an Air Force doctor and created many of the physical exercises for our nation's astronauts which are still being used in space today. Once in private practice at Cooper Clinic, his clientele rapidly grew to include A-listers, ranging from former U.S. Presidents, corporate leaders, and scores of sports and entertainment celebrities. His son Tyler, also a doctor who grew up with the Cooper family lifestyle, shares his father's love of fitness, as a vital, perhaps critical indicator of healthy living and longevity.

The Coopers certainly practice what they preach. The 76-year-old Kenneth Cooper has been exercising aerobically for almost fifty years, using his personal experiences to write a succession of best sellers, originating with "Aerobics" in 1968. Dr. Cooper has been one of the first to argue that, "You can get healthier as you get older." Having brought this philosophy to his own family in ways that often took the form of weekly Sunday marathon jogs together, it was only a matter of time before his son Tyler would join the family business and help his father preach the joys of a fit lifestyle.

The two have even gone so far as to co-author their first book together, 2007's Start Strong, Finish Strong. While Dr. Kenneth Cooper emphasizes to seniors that it is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise program, Dr. Tyler Cooper speaks directly to the younger generations on how to first begin a consistent fitness regime or even maintain one as work responsibilities and child-rearing start competing for a greater share of time.

So what this father and son team has worked on to create in the Texas plains outside of Dallas might literally transform housing. CooperLife is set to turn the concept of a mere shelter, however amenable and luxurious, to the more enlightened credo of healthy mind, healthy body, and longer life among like minded devotees of balanced living. It's called luxury fitness by some, but to the Coopers, there is not luxury in staying fit. It's a critical necessity.

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