04/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Send An Olympic Winter Games Peace Message To The World

I read about this on Amazing Women Rock.

Here's a small-is-beautiful, grassroots community peace initiative request from De Whalen, of the Richmond Women's Resource Center, in British Columbia, Canada.

To be a part of this cool 2010 Peace Project coinciding with the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, send your peace message today. I've already sent mine!

Here's what De Whalen says:

I'm working with the 2010 Peace Project in Richmond during the upcoming Winter Olympics. The Peace Project is a consortium of people and programs working on issues related to hunger, poverty, equality and the environment.

Our venue, Memories Thrift Store, is right in the middle of the Olympics action, near the Olympic Speed Skating Oval and the "Ozone" Celebration venue. We will use our storefront to raise awareness of the global need for the things that contribute to peace: food security, affordable housing, stability, equality, and an end to violence.

You can read more about our project here: The Memories Thrift Store Peace project.

This is from the Memories Thrift Store Peace Project.

CHAMPIONS OF PEACE: One of the highlights of the Project will be to name 15 "Champions of Peace." These are Richmond, BC residents who have provided inspirational leadership in:

• Alleviation of Poverty
• Affordable Housing
• Food Security / Eliminating Hunger
• Human Rights
• Immigration and Settlement
• Diversity / Multiculturalism
• Arts & Culture
• Social Justice
• Young Person (18 or younger) who is a Leader in Social Justice
• Environment
• Equality of Women
• Disability Rights
• Mental Health Advocacy
• Senior Advocacy
• Peacemaking

A WORD OF PEACE: We hope to collect hundreds of brief messages of peace to be posted on our windows and throughout Memories Thrift Store. An estimated 25,000 people from around the world will walk directly by our storefront every day; your message will be seen by thousands!


Amazing humans rock for peace. I sent my message; now send yours.

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