Can Language Influence Your Sex Personality?

05/18/2011 05:02 pm ET | Updated Jul 18, 2011

Could speaking a foreign language change the way you engage your partner sexually? While recent research out of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University doesn't answer this question directly, it does highlight the influence one's linguistic efforts have on a social context.

Researchers found that native Chinese students who were fluent in English took on traits regarded as more 'typical' of English versus Cantonese speakers in speaking English. According to both self-reports and behavioral observations, these participants became more extroverted, assertive and open to new experiences when speaking their second (vs. native) language.

This link became even more marked when participants spoke English to a Chinese versus Caucasian interviewer, with their "English-speaking" personality traits more prominent with the latter. Thus, the article, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, concluded that there appears to be a link between one's personality traits and language, given "perceived cultural norms, language priming, and interlocutor ethnicity on various personality dimensions."

While researchers didn't go anywhere near one's sex personality specifically, as someone who recently released Sultry Sex Talk to Seduce Any Lover, which offers simple lines of erotic talk in foreign languages, it's natural for the sexually-inclined to wonder if one's sexy state of mind changes, too, given linguistic efforts. With people often taking on the prototypical traits associated with a language's culture, how they think native speakers express themselves activates certain behavioral expressions. Hence, sexual expressiveness stands to be influenced in practicing sexy talk as well.

In the case of English as a second language, a person may become more assertive in his or her amorous efforts. In the bedroom, this could be erotically enticing as a lover changes his or her mannerisms, tones and overall sex personality. One's inclination to enhance cultural contexts via language could further change up sexual contexts as lovers reveal a side of themselves never known.

With previous studies showing that language impacts one's values, self-concept and how the speaker relates to others, couples can explore the erotic transformation that can only come with a second language. Better yet, their amorous efforts can focus on becoming polyglots. In speaking multiple languages, you could potentially have "multiple personalities" in the sack, exponentially increasing the passion potential in your boudoir as you keep things fresh and exciting in Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian...