02/08/2011 06:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last Minute V-Day Gifts

It's less than a week away and you're now officially feeling the heat -- not from the red hot, passionate romance you've been stoking, but that annual pressure to come up with the best Valentine's Day present ever. Even in relationships where this Hallmark holiday is supposed to be no big deal, there's a little bit of willfulness to make some kind of gesture and impress.

So without further adieu, the following are fab last minute gift ideas for the one you love this coming Monday...

For His Pleasure

The Iconic Ring from Jimmy Jane is something he's dying to have, even if he doesn't know it yet. Great for first-time users, this body-safe, phthalate-free "vibrating ring" will have both of you reaching bliss, while freeing your hands to stimulate other parts of the body.

For Her Pleasure

Rock her world with the ClubeVibe. She won't forget you every time she slips this little bullet into her panties. This vibrator and controller unit is worn in a black thong, and accompanies her listening pleasures, vibrating to the tunes in her music player. Best yet, she'll think of you every time she sports this naughty little secret!

For Your (as in plural) Pleasure

Jimmy Jane scores again with the Contour 1 and Contour M, each a ceramic massage stone. Go deeper and make it hot -- literally -- the next time you work tension out of each other's bodies. Knead a specific point with focused pressure or work your lover's contours with Contour 1. Massage multiple points or use broad strokes in relaxing your love's entire body with Contour M.

For the Group
Forget going to Vegas! Sexopoly offers erotica seekers all of the sex, money, and power they can have while legally taking their clothes off. Sure to provide hours of entertainment to couples, singles, and friends alike, this board game promises an evening full of thrills, fun, and adventure. Warning: This is one game you may not mind losing.

If an erotic gift isn't your thing, or you'd prefer something a little more organic or from the heart, any of the following should do the trick:

• Write a lover letter: In this digital age, this old-fashioned gesture will have your lover swooning. Be sure to handwrite it, even burning the edges of the piece of paper first to give it the romantic charm of yester year.

• Make a donation: What's your sweetie's favorite cause? Give money in your beloved's name to an organization advancing his or her vision.

• Bake cupcakes: Given the current cupcake craze, you can't go wrong with this sweet -- only make it yourself. Have fun arranging candy hearts, sprinkles, and embroidery, while spreading on plenty of frosting to be licked up in much more appetizing ways later.

• Get artistic: On posterboard or cardboard, create a collage of pictures of the two of you, enhanced by erotic artistic images or loving words and phrases that can be clipped out of magazines. Have it make a statement of your good times and the two of you.

• Buy a gift basket: An arrangement with no more than a couple of flute glasses, a bottle of champagne, and sweets begs for some serious alone time together, and makes for the perfect V-day date!