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This video shows FNC host Julie Banderas in a screaming match with religious-extremist-hate-spewing guest Shirley Phelps-Roper on FNC's "The Big Story Weekend." Phelps-Roper is the daughter of virulent homophobe-zealot Fred Phelps and a member of his Westboro Baptist Church, which pickets funerals of fallen U.S. soldiers. Choice heated exchange:

PHELPS-ROPER: This nation is full of idolatry, full of adultery...
BANDERAS: Full of insane people like yourself ma'am!
PHELPS-ROPER: ...sodomy, fornication...You're proud! Proud of your sins! You can't do enough sinning! You think gay pride, bimbo.
BANDERAS (angrily): Oh! Okay!
PHELPS-ROPER: You have sinned away your day of grace.
BANDERAS: Okay, YOU are an abomination.
Banderas was rightfully outraged and indignant. But she needn't have been surprised; the odious Phelps-Roper was a guest on the Fox News network back in April.

Phelps-Roper appeared on Hannity & Colmes, wherein Sean Hannity said she was "as mean and as sick and as cruel as anybody that I've ever had on this program" and, flatly, "You're obviously a nut." Colmes got in on the action, too, also calling Phelps "an abomination" and challenging her organization:

COLMES: Let me get my question out. If you're so popular, how is it that your church has 100 members?

PHELPS-ROPER: Well it's really not quite a 100.

COLMES: And it's your family.

PHELPS-ROPER: Well it's not quite 100. And about 80% are our family. But nevertheless, that doesn't change the word of God.

So here we have a person who is clearly on the fringe, clearly nuts, clearly not representative of any but a minuscule few. So why on earth would Fox News welcome her to the network again?

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