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Today we welcome another new blog into the fold: DeadHorse Media's Fashionista, the fourth in Elizabeth Spiers' bloggy stable and by far the one writing about the hottest people. Former Fashion Week Daily and onetime-anonablogger Faran Krentcil takes the reins, and promises "runway trends, party roundups, designer interviews, and street style shots" plus "the DIY recipe for Chanel nail polish," which you know you want. Krentcil, who crushes on Kate Moss and Chloe wedges, already has some sweet features like the Streetwalker, which presumably will feature people much less weirdly attired than New York's "Look Book" (plus perfectly reasonable justifications for stalking). Of surprising utility to stealth Bluefly obsessives will no doubt be "Deal or No Deal" featuring a panel of esteemed fashion mavens passing judgment on designer items in the bargain bin. Between its fierce Goth logo and its infectious, bouncy tone, we were intrigued. So we decided to ask Krentcil a few questions about the new venture. Below, the Fashionista holds forth.

Do you have any interviews with biggie fashion types yet? Can you tell me who?

We have a feature called "Inside the Designer's Studio" a semi-spoof on "Inside the Actor's Studio" where designers discuss their process, their work, and their favorite swear word. Our first subject is Rachel Roy, who gave a fabulous interview. There will be much more to come.

Er, Rachel Roy does not equal Rachael Ray, right?


What's going to become of the Imaginary Socialite?

The Imaginary Socialite is alive, well, and stealing vintage Biba dresses from her mother's imaginary townhouse in Boston. She's the little stepsister of and is planning to stay that way.

Is Fashionista looking to move in on that other socialite, Socialite Rank?

faran camera.jpgWell, Socialite Rank is about socialites and we're about style. We'll certainly mention socialites when it's appropriate, but we have no plans to tread on their territory - they do too good a job for anyone else to try!

This is just blatant gossipmongering, but do you know who's behind it?

I think I know who is behind SocialiteRank, but as someone whose blog was anonymous for some time, I respect their right to that.

If you have $25 and somewhere to go tonight, where do you spend it?

I go to the Bumble & Bumble salon to buy their Curl Conscious Creme, which is amazing but way too expensive unless someone else is paying.

If you have $250 and somewhere to go tonight, where do you spend it?

I call four of my best friends and we go to Freeman's for their truffle mac + cheese. We will try hard to ignore the thirty-somethings in carefully wrecked jeans and matching attitudes - the mac + cheese is worth it.

I love that you took my $250 and spent it on food, not clothes.

Are you kidding? Meals with my friends are my favorite things ever.

kate moss.jpgSpeaking of which... this Imaginary Socialite post seems to be about not eating: "Hunger hurts, but starving works." Never mind that this blog was originally supposed to be called Size 0. Where do you stand on the skinny models debate? Do you side with industry critics or Gisele?

Oh Rachel. "Hunger hurts, but starving works" is the beginning of my favorite Fiona Apple song, "Paper Bag." It's not about food, it's about staying away from guys you want to kiss/fuck/ take to Freeman's for mac + cheese.

About "skinny models": This debate is a symptom of something much greater in the fashion industry, a tightrope of fantasy and reality that's used to sell clothes. When something is unattainable, will you pay more for it? Do grown women want to look like 18-year-olds, or do they want to accept their own beauty? Those are the big questions, not, "Wow, why is Snejana a size zero?"

That said, there are certain models who look unhealthy, and that should change - but it's nothing compared with the obesity epidemic in America. If Jessica Stam can get teen girls to stop eating McDonalds and start a Whole Foods regime, she's my new hero.

Devil Wears Prada Pop Quiz: Who are you more like, Andy or Emily? Why? And which one's Elizabeth?

Oh, that's not fair! "Are you a sniveling, self righteous twit or a snarling, ambitious bitch?"

Fine, I'm Emily. I'd rather get what I want than keep wondering what I want, I've been known to give death-stares to certain outfits, and I'm also a fan of kohl eyeliner. I'm not sure Elizabeth is in this equation. You want me to say that she's Miranda Priestly, but she's so not. Maybe Elizabeth is Gisele?

Will Elizabeth be writing?

My paychecks.

Will you be having any guest contributors?

Yes, we have a small coven of fashion kids - models, casting directors, stylists, photographers, designers - who give us the dirt from their respective fields.

The industry is so insidery -at Fashion Week Daily, you were on the inside, with tons of access and contacts. How will it be different as a blogger? Will you still have the same access (are you going to Fashion Week shows etc?).

Aw, I have a lot of friends, a stable of contacts, and some incredible handbags - I'll be just fine. And yes, you'll see me at the shows (come say hi!).

I was in that Fashion Week Daily blogger spread last year, and here's a question they asked us: Who's your style icon?

anita pallenberg.jpgRight now it's Anita Pallenberg.

I take it that, unlike me, you knew who she was before the highbrow reference on Studio 60.

I did. I'm a little obsessed with rock star wives, and girlfriends, and daughters. There's this odd ease about them, like they can pick clothes off the floor in the morning and just transform. I'm a very anxious person by nature, so it's almost a comfort to me, to see how you can be so careless and beautiful at the same time. But I have to say, I adore Studio 60 and I really want them to make a movie now so that girl on the show can play Anita Pallenberg. I really want to see her do it; I think she'd kick ass.

What are you wearing? (A laptop and a smile, right?)

Ew, no. I am in winter denial, so I'm wearing my Red Carter bikini top from his Summer of Love collection under three longsleeve tees (Petit Bateau, white; Calvin Klein Underwear; black; American Apparel; blood red); skinny gray jeans from Earnest Sewn; thermal ski socks I've had since 5th grade; and Marc x Marc Jacobs flats.

Ooh, and this new perfume called "Jasmine and Cigarettes" by Etat Libre et Orange.

Photo of Faran Krentcil taken by Faran Krentcil and provided by Faran Krentcil.

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