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Some months ago, Mark Halperin clumsied up his appearance on The Colbert Report by violating the First Rule of Improvisation: Do not negate the premise. As the in-character Colbert tried to pursue lines of questioning that might yield the audience a scintilla of entertainment, Halperin kept changing the subject and repeating his awkward appeals for Colbert's approval. The thought occurred to us: "My God! Does the man not realize that Colbert is not actually a conservative pundit to which he needs to suck up?"

One can excuse Halperin: after all, he was only a few days shot of his whinging attempt to curry favor with Hugh Hewitt. He obviously had some kiss-up left in his system. (And, for the love of crimony, would the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America intervene and get Halperin a buddy, already? If only to spare his new Time colleagues a fortnight of his desperate prostrations?) But the surprising point is this: there are still people out there who simply do not seem to understand that what Colbert is doing is parody.

Last night, Colbert related how another newsworthy personage doesn't seem to get it--in this case, war-intelligence skewerer-extraordinaire Douglas Feith. Apparently, National Public Radio had cause to briefly air a snippet of Colbert discussing Feith (those interested in the excruciating details can click on the player above to hear them), causing Feith to crawl out from under his rock (where news of Comedy Central is apparently drowned out by the choirs of angels who sing of the glittery sand castle of democracy Iraq has become and how our troops were greeted like Bollywood rockstars), contact NPR and ask for a correction.

Sigh! Again: to insist that Colbert-content be "corrected" is to miss the point by several hectares. Could Douglas Feith possibly be that dumb? Oh...wait--we guess he could.

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