06/28/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 10 Essential Items for Your Starter Kitchen (VIDEO)

When I graduated from college, here's what I had in the way of kitchen gear: a small cast iron skillet, 2 blenders (one from my parents, one from my grandma) and a large pot. When I moved to Brooklyn, I slowly started gathering other pieces...a plastic measuring cup here, a wooden spoon there, etc. Slowly but surely, most everything I brought either broke, shattered or exploded (minor incident with a microwave, don't ask). Had I only had the video below where Harry Rosenbloom - co-founder and owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg, BK - lists out the 10 essentials for a starter kitchen, I could have saved myself a lot of money...and clean up time.

Here's the most special thing about this video: the deals!! Watch to the end and you'll see Harry, generous man that he is, is offering 10% off all items in our Economy Bites Starter Package from now until the end of the summer. Items in the package include: a spatula, a wooden spoon, measuring cups and spoons, a pyrex, mixing bowls, a multi cooker and a really fabulous Chef's knife, and that's not even everything! All you have to do to buy is go to their website and enter the code 'EBites2010' at checkout. They ship all over the Country!

In total, the Economy Bites starter package goes for $266. As a special deal for Economy Bites fans, The Brooklyn Kitchen has knocked $46 off the price of the total package, bringing it down to $220. Pretty great deal for a boatload of amazing kitchen tools that will last for years and years.

Thanks again to the great folks over at The Brooklyn Kitchen. If you're in the New York area, I highly recommend you check out their beautiful new store, recently named Best Gourmet Grocery by New York Magazine - and their Labs where you can take one of a number of inspired cooking classes like Brewing Beer at Home or Vinegar Pickling on the cheap. It's one of my favorite places in Brooklyn, and I have a hunch it'll be one of yours, too.


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