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Obamacare: What a Lovely Name

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The United States Supreme Court's decision upholding the constitutionality of the Obama administration's universal medical coverage law is a huge victory for the president and greatly increases his chances for reelection. The president also brilliantly increased his reelection prospects by exempting from deportation individuals (overwhelmingly Hispanic) brought to the U.S. illegally when under the age of 16. That action ensures that the president will receive an even larger vote from Hispanics than he received in 2008. Republicans were caught flatfooted on this issue and due to mean-spiritedness were unable to advance a similar proposal made by Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Governor Mitt Romney has said he will repeal the president's executive order and put in his own, without revealing what that would be. The president's detractors, primarily Republicans but some Democrats, have criticized his campaign as uninspired and the president as lacking leadership qualities. Those making those snide and untrue charges are now eating their words.

The Democrats will now drive home the major positive changes associated with the new health law. According to the New York Times of June 30th those include "medical coverage for children up to age 26, protections for people with pre-existing conditions and the end of annual and lifetime caps on certain forms of coverage..."

It is true that many voters were and still are confused about the effects of the universal medical coverage law, dubbed by opponents as Obamacare. Today, I believe, the name Obamacare is on its way to becoming positive big time. The Democratic campaigns should feature the descriptive name in their literature explaining its overwhelmingly positive consumer protections. Indeed, I would urge that one Democratic campaign promise be that if the voters give the Democrats majorities in both Houses, the president will seek to amend the bill to allow for a government option that would compete with insurance companies to keep premiums as low as possible, similar to what FDR did with the TVA power authority keeping the prices of electricity down in the area served by the new TVA dam and private electricity generating companies. I believe President Obama should also promise to allow Medicare to seek volume discounts in prescription drugs, saving billions. Also, he should consent to allowing insurance companies of every state to sell their policies in every state, adding competition.

This U.S. Supreme Court decision issued by a 5-4 majority with Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. providing the deciding vote is perceived by many Court observers to be an historic vote. It also reinforces the observation that no one can predict with certainty how Supreme Court nominees will vote, no matter what their perceived ideology and no matter which president appointed them. President Eisenhower thought when he appointed Earl Warren Chief Judge he was appointing a conservative. The Warren Court is considered one of the most liberal of Supreme Courts because of Earl Warren's influence.

What a great country we have. How lucky those of us are who by birth or naturalization are citizens of the United States. Those of us who supported and voted for President Obama in 2008 were right to do so and began a change for the better, bringing the fruits and bounty of our country to more of its inhabitants. There is so much more to do. Let's make sure President Obama is given a second term in which to get it done.

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