01/06/2011 01:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Edible Radio Episode 65 Kitchen Sync with Diana Kennedy


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No one has done more to introduce the world to the authentic, flavorful cuisines of Mexico than deceptively diminutive Diana Kennedy. Acclaimed as the Julia Child of Mexican cooking, Kennedy has been an intrepid student of Mexican foodways for more than fifty years and has published several classic books on the subject, including The Cuisines of Mexico, The Art of Mexican Cooking, My Mexico, and From My Mexican Kitchen. Ms. Kennedy was awarded the Order Of The Aztec Eagle, by the Government of the Republic of Mexico for her contributions to the documentation of regional Mexican cuisine. The Aztec Eagle is the Mexican equivalent of a knighthood for non-Mexicans.

At 87 years old Kennedy now brings us an astonishing body of work in Oaxaca al Gusto. The fruit of decades of labor, it is an irreplaceable record of a people, place and food, and the culmination of Diana Kennedy's life's work.

The state of Oaxaca is one of the most bio-diverse in Mexico, with many different cultural and linguistic groups often living in areas difficult to access. Each group has its own distinctive cuisine, some of the most colorful flavors in the world. Diana Kennedy has spent decades rumbling up dirt roads and traversing the length and breadth of Oaxaca to record in words and photographs "these little-known foods, both wild and cultivated, the way they were prepared, and the part they play in the daily or festive life of the communities I visited."