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November 28, 2015

'Buddy Bench' Creates A Safe Spot For Shy Classmates To Find Friends

Amanda Hartle

Princeton Students Protest Protesters

Universal History Archive/Getty Images

Here’s The Crazy Story About Thanksgiving You’ve Never Heard

Library of Congress

Most Students Have No Clue What Accurate Native American History Looks Like

Jon Schulte via Getty Images

University Of Kentucky Will Cover Controversial Mural


B.C. High School Uses Snapchat To Communicate With Students


The Cute Reason Kids Are Interviewing Their Parents On Thanksgiving


How 3 Students Got Hillary Clinton To Pay Attention To Rural Schools

Courtesy of KeotaHopesForHillary Twitter account

Watch College Student Surprise His Dorm Chef With His First Plane Ride


People Are Creating Anonymous Facebook Pages For White Student Unions

Latitudestock via Getty Images

More Proof That American Teachers Are Underpaid And Deserve More Respect

Pixland via Getty Images

Ahmed Mohamed And Family Demand $15 Million And Apology From School District

Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

L.A. Students Grow Healthy Food At Inner-City High School


A 1950s Superman Poster Says What We All Need To Hear About American Values Right Now

via Imgur

Here's Why College Costs So Much

Mike Reddy for the Huffington Post

French Children's Newspaper Editor Shows How He Talks To Kids About Terrorism

The New York Times

School Drop Out Rates Rise In Zimbabwe Amid Hunger Crisis


Why Thanksgiving Is A 'National Day Of Mourning' For Some Americans

Boston Globe via Getty Images


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