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June 3, 2015

Kitchen Manager Canned For Giving Poor Students Free Lunches


Senior Takes A Dig At School Dress Codes With A Sassy Yearbook Quote


Cop Who Responded To Deadly Crash Stands In Parents' Place At Son's Graduation

Lindsey Fruge, lcmbearfacts/Instagram

17 Graduation Caps That Deserve A Spot On The Honor Roll

Navajo Band Teaches Native American Youth How To Write Their Own Songs, Overcome Obstacles


How Do You Stop Sexual Assault? This Graphic Novel Will Teach You

The Huffington Post

Father Sues Officials For Teaching Evolution


Vince Vaughn Wants Guns In Every American School

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Student Comes Out In Graduation Speech After Another In A Different School Is Barred

Jens Schlueter via Getty Images

Schools Are Changing The Way They Handle Campus Sexual Assault

Benjamin Hurst

Northwestern Student Drops Complaint Against Professor In Laura Kipnis Case

Wikimedia Commons

Teen Mom Who Was Once Homeless Becomes High School Valedictorian

Fox 32

How An Essay On 'Sexual Paranoia' Caused A Frenzy At Northwestern University

Native American Student Sues Schools For Banning Feather On Graduation Cap

These Girls Dream Big Despite Hunger, Discrimination And Conflict

Charlotte Alfred

California High School Student Allowed To Wear Eagle Feather At Graduation

Texas Votes To End High School Steroid Testing


Harvard Gets Biggest Gift Ever, Becomes Even More Crazy Rich



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Wisconsin Moves Closer To Massive Cut To Public Colleges And Elimination Of Tenure

Mike McGinnis via Getty Images

Barnard College Works Toward New Policy On Transgender Admissions


John Waters Tells Grads To 'Make Me Nervous'


Schools Reopen In Areas Of Nepal Worst Hit By Devastating Earthquake

PRAKASH MATHEMA via Getty Images

St. Louis Rams Put On Homeless Disguise, Panhandle Outside Stadium They Usually Play In


Teen In Wheelchair Surprises Her Family And Proudly Walks At Graduation

FOX 17

This Is What It Takes To Get A Teacher Fired Around The Country

Blend Images - Tanya Constantine

Baltimore Schools Will Now Give Free Meals To All Kids

Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun

14 Badass Girl Athletes Show Off Their Game Faces

Andrea Corradini / Wildfang