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January 29, 2015

Youth Concussion Laws Pushed By NFL Are Not Enough

Football Helmet
David Madison via Getty Images

Study Finds It Does Get Better For LGBTQ Youth

Lgbtq Youth Study
bilderlounge/bilderlounge via Getty Images

Try Out Some Of The Questions On The Civics Test Arizona Students Must Now Pass To Graduate

Arizona Civics Test

Study: American Students Have High Levels Of Education, But Stressful Lives

Stressed Student
John Fedele via Getty Images

Teacher And His Students Recreate 'Uptown Funk,' Get An A+ In Breakin' It Down


Does This Dress Look Too Bare? One Utah High School Said Yes


Teen With Growth Disorder Gets Sweetest Pep Rally Promposal From Football Star

ABC News

How The University Of Michigan Is Bringing Mental Health Care To Its Student Athletes

Diamond Images via Getty Images

Scholars To Fox News: Writing About White People Doesn't Make You Racist

Fox News

CUNY Graduate Center Drops 'Mr.' And 'Ms.' From Official Communications

Wikimedia Commons

Proposed W.Va Law Would Fine Educators For Teaching About Socialism Before American History


Former UNC Athlete Says He's Suing School To Protect Athletes' Education


California School Barrs Non-Vaccinated Students From School

Vstock LLC via Getty Images

National Leaders Tell UVA Sororities To Avoid Frat Bid Night


Penn State Task Force Calls For Disclosure Of Sexual Assault Punishments


Little Rock School District To Be Controlled By State


Outreach Program Seeks To Help Kids Learn About The Opera

sebastian-julian via Getty Images

The Real Cost Of Getting Into College

Pamela Moore via Getty Images


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School-Wide Prevention Program Makes Teens Half As Likely To Feel Suicidal

Marjan_Apostolovic via Getty Images

Academic Misconduct Is On The Rise In College Athletics, NCAA Says

Raleigh News & Observer via Getty Images

This Is How Much Time Student-Athletes Spend On Practice


TIME Asks Teens The Same Questions Their 1965 Counterparts Answered -- Here's What Hasn't Changed

Time Magazine

Obama Will Drop Proposal To End College Savings Accounts: Report

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

UVA Sororities Stick To Hated Ban On This Weekend's Frat Parties

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Family Outraged After Girl With Autism Leaves School In Middle Of Day Unsupervised

CBS Miami

Arizona Tried To Keep KRS-One Out Of Classrooms, So He Went There Himself

PYMCA via Getty Images

Dartmouth Creates New Rules, Bans Liquor To Tame 'Heavy-Drinking' Culture