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June 28, 2016

Mom Writes Viral Letter After Her Son Was Excluded From A Birthday Party

CTV News

A Makeshift School In Aleppo Offers Safer Education Amid Bombings

Alexander Kots/Komsomolskaya Pravda/Associated Press

WATCH: This 6-Year-Old Chef From Kochi Has Some Mad Culinary Skills

YouTube/ KichaTube

Entire Graduating Class At Bronx High School Is Going To College


Little Boy Seeing His Dad After School Is What Pure Joy Looks Like

Nasser Almujaibel

Inside The Chicago Program That Is Slashing Youth Crime Rates

Ernest Skerret

Teacher Uses Bruised Apple To Show Crushing Effects Of Bullying

Relax Kids Tamworth/Facebook

If You Don't Get Why Campus Rape Is A National Problem, Read This

GABRIELLE LURIE via Getty Images

100,000 Students Across The U.S. Will Probably See 'Hamilton' Before You Do

CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Homeless Teen Graduates High School 2 Years Early With 4.0 GPA

NBC Washington

#StayMadAbby Makes Triumphant Return After Supreme Court Affirmative Action Ruling


Having A College Education Linked To This Serious Health Risk

Shutterstock / hxdbzxy

Mexican-American Slam Poet Schools Donald Trump On U.S. History

Button Poetry

This Bronx Educator Reminds Us Why Good Teachers Are Simply The Best

The Huffington Post

How Incarcerated Youth Are Making Their Voices Heard Through Art

Artistic Noise

North Carolina Governor Bashes Schools That Stand Up For Transgender Students

Raleigh News & Observer via Getty Images

Preschool Teachers Aren't Getting The Training They Need

Floresco Productions via Getty Images

Unanimous Vote Brings Free Tampons To NYC’s Schools, Prisons, Shelters

The Huffington Post


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