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Alan Singer

Obama/Trump Education "Deform"

Alan Singer | December 8, 2016 | Education
"[T]he Obama administration, in education laid the groundwork for Trump and Betsy DeVos because they were big supporters of charter schools . . . [C]harter schools are the first step toward full privatization." - Diane Ravitch, Democracy Now, December 1, 2016 If there is one thing Democrats and...
David Halperin

Department Of Education Requires 25 Percent Letter Of Credit To Approve University Of Phoenix Owner Change

David Halperin | December 7, 2016 | Education
The U.S. Department of Education today approved the application of the Apollo Education Group, owner of the University of Phoenix, to convert from being a publicly-traded company to one owned by private equity firms and still keep its...
Monica Engebretson

Bodies of US Dogs Sold to UK Universities Raises Ethical Questions

Monica Engebretson | December 8, 2016 | Education
Cruelty Free International recently discovered that three UK veterinary medical colleges -the universities of Cambridge and Nottingham and the Royal Veterinary College - are using dead US dogs supplied by a commercial US company to teach dissection. This is strange and troubling. While using...
David Halperin

Corinthian Colleges Files Show Big Fees to Google, BET, Lead Generators

David Halperin | December 7, 2016 | Education
As eight years of zigzagging but ultimately valiant efforts by the Obama administration to protect students and taxpayers from predatory for-profit colleges comes to a close, new documents, released to us under the Freedom of Information Act, shed light...
John Bridgeland

Closing the College Gap

John Bridgeland | December 8, 2016 | Education
For most of the last century, the United States led the world in educational attainment and the economic and social mobility of its people. As our advantage has been slipping in recent decades, leaders from the President to philanthropists have set goals for boosting the percentage of Americans who complete...
Mary Ila Ward

Bridging the Divide... Education for the Future

Mary Ila Ward | December 6, 2016 | Education
A country divided is what we are all hearing. I'm tired of hearing it, are you? But as I examine the problem, realizing I am, like we all are, a part of it, I think Steve Boese in his HR Technology Blog described the problem best as he summarized the...
Gloria Larson

Be the Captain of your Intern Ship

Gloria Larson | December 6, 2016 | Education
As president of a leading business university, I frequently speak with students and parents about the importance of internships in their preparation for life after college. While the job market is stronger than ever -- in fact, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reported in 2016...
C. M. Rubin

The Global Search for Education: Everything You Need to Know About PISA

C. M. Rubin | December 6, 2016 | Education
"If we look at countries like Singapore, Canada, Estonia, Japan and Finland, who have combined excellence and equity over a number of PISA cycles, we can see what they do: they have high and universal expectations for all students, an unwavering focus on...
Kati Haycock

Pushing, Prodding, And Cajoling Our Country Toward Educational Justice -- Even Amidst Alarming Times

Kati Haycock | December 5, 2016 | Education
Count me among those who have been deeply worried about what the next four years will mean for social and educational justice.
Randy Turner

The State Of Public Education In Trump's America

Randy Turner | December 5, 2016 | Education
Come next month, we will have a president who has never had any connection to public schools and who has selected a secretary of education who has made destroying public schools her life's mission.
Karin Badt

Teaching Thanksgiving Dinner at the University of Paris 8

Karin Badt | December 5, 2016 | Education
This year like every year I had my theater class in Paris create Thanksgiving dinners. I gave them the same instructions I always do: four family members, a stranger, and the centerpiece of a turkey. I explain to them the Pilgrim story (like I heard it as a kindergartner), admittedly...
Peter Cunningham

Robert Pondiscio Is Creating a False Battle Over School Choice

Peter Cunningham | December 5, 2016 | Education
Fordham Institute's Robert Pondiscio is at it again, sowing discord in the education reform community by pitting public charter and school voucher supporters against each other. Virtually every line invites argument. He sets up a false battle line between, "Those whose preferred flavor of...

How Can We Make College More Affordable for Americans?

Quora | December 5, 2016 | Education
How can we make college more affordable for Americans? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Answer by Mary Daly, SVP & Economist at Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco, on Quora....
Peter Mandel

Why Campus Technology Was Better in the 1970s

Peter Mandel | December 5, 2016 | Education
Sophomore slump. Even the phrase sounds wet and flat. It won't stop raining and sleeting and snowing. Your dorm smells like mold. And unlike just a couple of months earlier, you can't drum up much of an interest in "Introductory Sub-Aquatic Ecology" or "Elizabethan Drama as a Metaphor for...
JD Hoye

Celebrating Computer Science Education Week 2016:Investing in Computer Science for All Will Be Key to College and Career Readiness

JD Hoye | December 5, 2016 | Education
The first week of December has been designated Computer Science Education Week. Created by the Computing in the Core coalition, the week is geared towards activities that encourage students to learn more about computer science. NAF is proud to join in the celebration and support this outstanding program that makes...
Beth Broderick

The Wizard Of Id ... Dos And Don'ts In The Age Of The Democalypse

Beth Broderick | December 5, 2016 | Politics
The following are some ideas of what you can do to prevent the full-scale corruption of our ideals and be a beacon of light in the coming gloom.
Alan Singer

An Anti-Trump Agenda For American Education

Alan Singer | December 5, 2016 | Education
It is not enough to be a critic. If educators, parents, and students, and progressive citizens are going to transform public education in the United States we have to develop an Anti-Trump Agenda and build an Anti-Trump social movement.
Mercedes Schneider

Betsy DeVos And Her 2015-16 School Choice Yearbook

Mercedes Schneider | December 5, 2016 | Education
On November 23, 2016, President-elect Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education. DeVos is zealous for school choice, and it seems that she is particularly fond of private school choice. Below is her foreword for the choice organization, American Federation for Children (AFC)...
John Katzman

K12 Schools Need To Know What Works

John Katzman | December 5, 2016 | Education
America spent over $640 billion on public K-12 education last year. Add expenditures for private and parochial schools, and the total soars beyond three-quarters of a trillion dollars annually. That is more than the Pentagon and foreign aid budgets combined. Not surprisingly, most of that education spending—about 80%—goes to salaries:...
Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis

Everyday I Will Move Forward But I Will Never Move On

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis | December 3, 2016 | Impact
This time leading up to December 14th, specifically the weeks after Thanksgiving, is always a bit harder than every other day. I have found over the past 3 years, 11 months and 17 days that when something horrible happens in your life it becomes wholly a part of you.
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