01/26/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Funky To Fabulous: How To Lower Stress With Everyday Objects

Now, that Christmas is over...I hope you get that nap you were wishing for.
Here are a few things you can find around the house help you lower your
stress and reinvent your day. Here goes!

Alarm Clock
Set your alarm clocks to remind you to go to bed! Set it 15 minutes earlier
than your normal bed time for a week. Many Americans sleep account is
overdrawn -- start making deposits again!

Your Happiest Shoes
Grab your favorite happy shoes (you know, the ones that
make you feel like a rock star!) Mine just happen to be a pair of lavender
suede Bond Girl go-go boots! Yeah they were a fashion no-no, but I felt very
special in them, and got many compliments! Walk with an extra sass in your
step. Grab that favorite outfit to go along with it and hit the streets!

Quarter Jar
Take two jars, one positive & one negative. Pay yourself to pay attention
to what you say. We don't realize that what we say can affect other people
and ourselves. Anytime you or someone at home or the office says anything
negative - put a coin in the negative jar and vise versa for positive.

Use Post Its to bet more positive. Paste them all over the house. Empower
yourself or a loved one through the art of post its! I recently had a client
go through a divorce and I hid post its all over her house with positive
affirmations ("You are loved!" "Yes, you can!" etc). The client was still
finding them 6 months later.

What everyday objects help you to reinvent your day?


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Eli Davidson is a nationally recognized woman's executive coach and
motivational speaker.

Her book, Funky to Fabulous: Surefire Success Stories for The Savvy, Sassy
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