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How To Get A Job: Burn Your Resume!

My Cat Fight On TV

I got in a fight. Live. On TV. It wasn't Jerry Springer. As an executive coach, I was asked for advice on Morning News at 9 on KTLA TV here in Los Angeles.

Why the fight?

I asked viewers to stop being victims.

"Play the solution game. Come up with three solutions to every problem you find." That really pissed off one of the anchormen. He came up with every reason that a person just couldn't do that.

I love a good fight.

So, I asked the news team to come up with a solution to a problem.

Live. On TV. In 3 seconds. Guess what...they did.

After the segment, one of the news anchors next to me asked for advice. "Sure, I have a job. But our company is bankrupt." he said. He had friends who were at the top of their game and still were still looking for work after six months.


Because the world has changed.

It Is A Different World

We Twitter our movements. We text in to anyone who wants to read and respond. We email dozens of important and not-so-important messages daily. We get our news online. We FaceBook and YouTube all our personal news. We customize our music to fit our taste on our iPods.

You wouldn't listen to music on an 8 Track Tape. Why are you still writing your father's resume? If you haven't gotten the job you want...burn that resume!

It Isn't The Piece of Paper....It's YOU!

"The Internet has changed the way we communicate, learn and purchase goods. It has also changed the way we search, find leads and apply for a job." Says recruitment expert, Nicole Spicer.

Your resume does not get you the job - you get you the job!

As an executive coach, I have observed that there is a specific formula to getting a job.

First: You have to know all your experience, skills and passions.
Second: You have to glow and gleam confidence from the inside out.
Third: You have to know how to promote all these skills and confidences.

Use Your Friends

"Recruiters know that positions are filled through a recommendation, direct contact or by six degrees of separation." says Spicer. "You are competing with 500 other people to get a job. Who is going to get the attention of those hiring? The person that has a fan within the organization."

Obviously, networking is a critical component to the job search process, so constantly grow your network. Ask for assistance, someone on the inside can supply critical information about the position or the company's culture. Both or either will assist you in writing the appropriate profile for the specific job you are seeking.

Why does one person get their foot in the door? Why did the person that isn't as qualified as you get a job and you are still pounding the pavement? In this market it is essential to know your skills and know how to promote your skills.

That is why I asked to get insider secrets from the person that might be reviewing your resume.

Here are insider's secrets from recruitment expert, Nicole Spicer, of

Insider Secrets

• Burn the resume! One size does not fit all! One page goes in the trash. Instead of "the" resume, write distinctive profiles for the different positions you will apply to.

• Burn the resume! Write a "Professional Promotional Profile" (PPP)! Take a day and write out your entire work history. Once you have recorded all your experience and skills you will see you can apply to diverse opportunities.

• Burn the resume! Customize all your documents! Use your PPP to write tailormade resumes, applications, cover letters, and email introductions specific to each job description. When you customize your resume to the job description you rise to the top of the list.

• Burn the resume! Cultivate your network! The highest percentages of professional positions are filled by people knowing people. Expand your network everyday. Ask your network for help. Get the inside scoop.

• Burn the resume! Make direct contact with recruiters! Internal recruiters to the companies you are interested in and external recruiters at appropriate staffing agencies or search firms that align with your career goals.

• Burn the resume! Build online profiles! Submit directly to company's "Applicant Tracking Systems" (ATS) and online networking sites like LinkedIn.

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