09/24/2010 10:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

2010 NFL Week 3 Picks

Seriously, people, hold on to your hats. Jamal Jackson and Leonard Weaver are out for the season. Mike McGlynn's the center. The O-line is in turmoil. Stewart Bradley's recovering from a concussion.

Never fear! Mike Vick to the rescue - or Kevin Kolb - no, no Mike Vick. Definitely Mike Vick. At least for the next 10 minutes.

One thing that's marked the Andy Reid era in Philly is certainty. Agree with him or not, he always seems to know what he's doing. Actually, he doesn't care whether or not you agree with him. He prefers that you DON'T agree with him.

Well, the pundits have fallen in line and pretty much everyone's praising Reid's brilliance in promoting Vick to starter and benching K2. Brilliance, or recognition that we have serious problems on the O-line? Tomayto, tomahto.

All I know is that if Vick wants to keep his starting job, the team better win this week.

And I can't believe we're hanging the hopes of the franchise on someone who seems kind of unstable. Oh DMac, I miss you so.

Pick? Eagles - I was planning to spend this season laughing at our mis-steps while we tried to rebuild the team. Guess that will have to wait until next year, because at least through the first two weeks, the NFC East looks like it's someone's for the taking. Why not us?

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