2010 NFL Week 7 Recap

10/25/2010 09:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Titans over Eagles, Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stud of the week: Riley Cooper, who fended off a sure pick with an acrobatic catch and, shortly thereafter, scored his first TD as a pro player. Chad Hall's a close #2. He battled hard for every yard he got, even though he's shorter than the grass.

Well, the thing about wins is they're fun to watch. The thing about losses are that they can be fun to write about. You know, because of the ranting. What ranting? Oh, just you wait.

Kevin Kolb: could you please stop keying on ONE receiver? You're telegraphing what you're going to do so clearly Martians are picking it up. Also, OK it was windy -- you're a PRO FOOTBALL QB. Your arm should be able to overpower some wind.

Didn't the Eagles used to have a tight end named Brent Celek? Who was pretty good? I know McNabb loved him some tight ends and maybe K2 doesn't as much, but come on! Does he even play for us anymore?

Did anyone notice that the Eagles may have some O-line problems? Don't tell me you weren't shitting yourself when King Dunlap went down. And King Dunlap's center of gravity is so high he gets pushed around by everyone. But he's better than nothing, and "nothing" is just about what the Eagles are down to at this point.

But all that is secondary to the secondary, aka Hobbs and Allen. They couldn't cover anything except maybe their eyes, which is what I was doing all during the fourth quarter, while Kenny Britt was burning the Eagles' asses. In case you haven't already read it on the millions of other blog posts so far, 225 yards is the most EVER by ANY receiver in 77 years of Eagles football.

And it never occurred to Sean McDermott to move Asante Samuel over? Or tie Britt's shoelaces together? Or turn Trent Cole loose on him and take up a collection to cover the fine? (Yes, I know Trent Cole is a defensive end whose job it to go after the QB. But desperate times call for desperate measures people!)

And who knew that that ridiculous handoff fumble in the 3rd quarter was the voice of doom? But it was -- the Eagles couldn't do a single thing right after that, giving up 27 points in the 4th quarter alone. The whole team deserves a "C'mon man!" shout-out.

C'mon man!

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