Welcome to the Eagles, Danny Watkins

05/02/2011 10:32 am ET | Updated Jun 30, 2011

I don't usually write much about the draft. I don't follow college ball, so I generally don't have anything original to say. I could recap scouting notes and combine results, but why would I add myself as a middleman? Waste of time.

But last night I saw something truly unexpected: the Eagles took a 26 year old ex-fireman and ex-hockey player who's only played football for about five years with their #1 pick.

Reasons why I'm not freaking out this morning:

  • Andy Reid picked up someone to protect Mike Vick's blindside. Thank God, because Max Jean-Gilles wasn't getting it done.
  • Danny may be 26, but he's regular 26 not football 26 thanks to his relatively short career to date.
  • I quote Fellow Eagles Maniac: "Love this quote about Watkins: 'Watkins is a mature, physical player with a nasty disposition.'" That'll work.
  • How fun was watching his fire fighter posse go nuts when he was picked?

Yes, I know the Eagles still need a CB opposite Asante Samuel. Yes, I know Jimmy Smith was still on the board when the Eagles picked. You think after the T.O. mess Big Red will ever voluntarily take a hot mess player again? Because I don't. I figure Andy's got a plan that involves Kevin Kolb and a team that needs a QB, like the Raiders or the Cardinals.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the presser at 4:00 p.m. today.