06/22/2015 08:02 am ET | Updated Jun 22, 2016

Postcard From Greece

Elizabeth Gilbert

OK, I can't resist sending out at least one photo from Greece today...

This is a picture I took in a forest full of Plane Trees, in a river valley in the beautiful mountain region of Zagorohoria.

Plane Trees are my favorite trees in the world, and this valley was absolutely filled with them. They were all so old and enormous, and each one was dressed in moss. And you know how I feel about moss.

It was such a beautiful place, it made me want to cry. I was trying to capture the sense of the grandeur and height of the forest canopy (not easy when your camera is a telephone) so I kept lying down on the ground and pointing up, and randomly clicking away.

Only later did I realize that I'd accidentally captured this picture -- in which the enormous tree has become an enormous hand, reaching up to the sky.

Hand to God.