06/21/2010 04:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Year of the Woman

After last week's primaries, it has been declared that 2010 is officially another Year of the Woman. I couldn't be more excited! Here are some things that I am now really looking forward to for the rest of the year:

1) Free frozen yogurt at Pinkberry.

Last time the Year of the Woman happened, in 1992, Pinkberry had not been discovered yet. As a result, there was no free Pinkberry to offer to women. This time around, however, the only thing not to offer is a limit to this fabulous deal! Thank you, Pinkberry! Men, if you see a lady in the Pinkberry line at any time from now until December 31, you should remove your hat, bow slightly, and let her go ahead of you. This is Our Year, after all; we've got places to go, people to see, Pomegranate Pinkberry to top with lychees and Cap'n Crunch! Outta our way!

2) Buy one bra, get the second half off.*

* I'm talking about the price, sir! Specifically, all Warner, Wacoal, Maidenform, and Jockey bras are buy one bra, get one bra of equal or lesser value for half of its original price. Sort of the best deal you could imagine, if you are in the market for an even number of bras! Limit 12, though.

3) Puppies.

There are gonna be a lot more puppies in your life this year!

4) Angela Lansbury as the first ever Honorary Chairman of the American Theatre Wing.

As announced at Sunday's Tony Awards, Ms. Lansbury will be the first woman ever to hold this prestigious position. Part of me wants to point out that she is actually the first person ever to hold this position because it did not exist until Sunday, but the bigger (and better) part of me wants to point out that it is the Year of the Woman!

5) Overhaul of all airport women's restroom stall doors, everywhere.

Forget glass ceilings; we are breaking open these doors that open inward and renovating them so that they seriously open outward. What is the thought process behind designing a door scheme such that the door will always open into you as you struggle with your numerous lady-bags? Not this year, guys!

6) So many questions about the menu.

No one -- at the table or on the wait staff -- is allowed to give you a hard time for this for the rest of the year. The menu isn't clear; of course you should ask! It's not your fault that you want to order something from the restaurant that the restaurant doesn't offer. Restaurant's fault!

7) Things possibly really crumbling when it comes time for the general election in November.

...and no ladies actually winning. It's not that I am necessarily looking forward to the possibility of this happening, but I am also not afraid of celebrating the fact that life has its bitters and has its sweets. Here are the parts of this possibility that I am looking forward to: 1) the 4 1/2 months of unquestionable and unadulterated Woman Year that stretch between now and November, and 2) Halloween!

So ladies all over the place, wherever you are, take a minute, turn around (but only your upper half; keep your feet facing forward or else this won't work), pat yourselves on the back, on keep on walking. We've got a lot of road left to hoe, and we've got until New Year's Eve (at the very latest!) to do it! Our Year!