08/08/2011 05:51 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2011

Behind the Scenes With Rhythmic Dance Ensemble Be the Groove

Every once in a while I interview an artist for Fear No ART whose passion stays with me, and months after the interview my life is still affected. This is the case with the rhythmic dance ensemble, Be The Groove. My time with them last November still marks me on a daily basis.

Almost more than the passion of this group, the belief this artistic ensemble holds that everyone has in them the power to make music, find a beat, and to be the groove is something I remember every day as I walk down the street in our thriving city.

If you get a chance, see Be The Groove this weekend at the Navy Pier Dock Street Stage, Saturday and Sunday at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. In the interim, enjoy this video and get a feel for life's pulse, beat by beat.