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Laura Prudom


'Once Upon A Time' Recap: Mother Knows Best And Charming Steps Up In 'We Are Both'

Laura Prudom | Posted October 8, 2012

The second episode of "Once Upon a Time" Season 2, had a lot more breathing room than the premiere, resulting in an hour that emphasized what the show does best: compelling backstory, fascinating character interplay, and a lot of secrets still to be revealed.
Michael Hogan


'Homeland' Recap, Season 2, Episode 2: Hey La, Hey La, 'Beirut Is Back'

Michael Hogan | Posted October 28, 2012

You've got to hand it to the writers of "Homeland": They don't play it safe. Now we're left with a whole host of what-next questions, and that's just the beginning of what happened in this tense, eventful hour of television.
Chris Harnick


'The Good Wife' Recap: Maura Tierney Steals The Show In 'And The Law Won'

Chris Harnick | Posted October 8, 2012

Week after week I seem to praise the performances guest actors turn in on "The Good Wife." Surprise, I'm not going to stop doing that, especially when it comes to Tierney.
Alex Moaba


'Dexter' Recap: 'Sunshine And Frosty Swirl'

Alex Moaba | Posted October 8, 2012

Deb devoted herself to trying to "cure" Dexter in this episode, but if Marcus Bachmann has taught us anything, it's that sort of flimsy reparative therapy is doomed to failing spectacularly
Tetsuro Shigematsu


Why Asians Aren't Dancing in the Streets Gangnam Style

Tetsuro Shigematsu | Posted October 9, 2012

Gangnam Style is one catchy-ass tune, But unless you look like me, or live in South Korea, we Asians find white enthusiasm for this monster hit suspect.
Lea Lane


Remembering 1950s Sexuality Through Call the Midwife

Lea Lane | Posted October 7, 2012

I was thinking about my earliest feelings of sexuality because I'm hooked on the new Sunday PBS series Call the Midwife, set in slummy East-End London in the 1950s.
Scott McCabe


Dlectricity: Seeing Midtown Detroit in a Whole New Light

Scott McCabe | Posted October 7, 2012

Using light, shadow and motion more than 35 artists turned Midtown Detroit's cityscape into a menagerie of larger than life spectacles depicting some truly surreal scenes.
Zorianna Kit


Movie Review: The Other Dream Team Documentary Highlights Lithuania's Basketball Team

Zorianna Kit | Posted October 7, 2012

When Lithuania regained its independence, Sarunas Marciulionis decided to put together a basketball team. Unfortunately the country was bankrupt and funding was an issue. As luck -- or fate -- would have it, The Grateful Dead were big fans of basketball.
Mike Ryan


'SNL' Scorecard: Daniel Craig Really Wants You to Think He's Funny

Mike Ryan | Posted October 7, 2012

As host of Saturday Night Live, Daniel Craig seemed raring to go -- he was practically screaming, "I want to prove to you that I am funny! No, really, I am!" Unfortunately, for the most part, the material just wasn't there.