13 Organizations to Send Money to Now!

01/25/2017 07:49 pm ET

This is a critical moment in history - and we all can feel it!

We are digging deep and asking the important questions...

What do we stand for?

What can we stand UP for now?

How can we make a difference?

While we are all finding our way to step into a greater leadership role, we can TAKE ACTION NOW!

One very important way is to invest in the organizations doing the BIG WORK.

I am investing my dollars in people who are leading the way, while I continue the self-exploration journey to find my own version of activism and leadership.

If you don't know what you can do, but want to do something, then do this. 

Make a donation to an organization that stands behind your values.

And if possible sign up for a monthly recurring contribution - an easy way to exponentially grow your social impact. 

My hope is this email will activate you to take action RIGHT NOW.

I've included a super simple and easy cheat sheet below. 

Read through the organizations and find the ones whose mission you are most called to support. 

And then sign up to DONATE.

1. Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide. 

2. ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

3. Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. 

4. Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life. They are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement.

5. Southern Poverty Law Center (Klan Watch) 

The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the SPLC works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality.

6. Indigenous Environmental Network

IEN is an alliance of Indigenous Peoples whose mission is to protect the sacredness of the Earth Mother from contamination and & exploitation maintaining and respecting Indigenous Teachings and Natural Laws. The IEN are currently key leaders in the Standing Rock Movement.

7. The Labor Community Strategy Center

The Strategy Center is a think/act tank for regional, national and international movement building. Their campaigns, projects, and publication are rooted in working class communities of color, and address the totality of urban life with a focus on civil rights, environmental justice, public health, global warming and the criminal legal system.

8. The EmpowHer Institute

EmpowHer Institute is committed to lowering the drop out rates of low-income teenage girls through life skills, mentorship and leadership opportunities. 

9. Color of Change

Color Of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization building a new, effective strategy for changing the rules society lives by, and ending the injustices Black people face. 

10. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) is a national alliance of US-based grassroots organizing (GRO) groups organizing to build an agenda for power for working and poor people and communities of color. 

11. Doctors without Borders: 

Doctors without Borders helps people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care.

12. Natural Resources Defense Council

NRDC works to safeguard the earth - its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. 


The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

I hope this article helps you find organizations with a mission you want to support!

Congrats on making a difference today <3

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