02/24/2016 09:35 am ET | Updated Feb 24, 2016

14 Very Different Women On What Makes Them Beautiful

"Real beauty is not a size or a shape or a color. It can't be labeled -- it can only be felt."

Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
What makes you feel beautiful?

A new photo series is reminding women everywhere that beauty has nothing to do with your physical appearance. 

#WhatMakesMeBeautiful is a new photo campaign by Project Heal, a non-profit organization that provides funding and education for people suffering from eating disorders who can't afford treatment themselves. The campaign features 14 images of women from all walks of life proudly sharing what makes each of them feel beautiful. 

Out of the 14 women, not one named only a physical attribute that made them gorgeous -- each chose something about herself that goes beyond just her appearance.

"Real beauty is not a size or a shape or a color.  It can't be labeled -- it can only be felt," Project Heal founder Liana Rosenman told The Huffington Post. 

The campaign, which launched on Sunday to kick off the first day of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, serves as a powerful statement to anyone struggling with an eating disorder that their beauty and worth do not lie in their physical appearance. 

"Every day people are confronted with images of the 'perfect' body that just don't reflect the diverse society we live in," Rosenman said. "We need to challenge this culture of conformity and widen the definition of beauty to include all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. We need to help people recognize that their value goes beyond just their physical appearance." 

Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL

When asked what she'd say if she could only say one thing to a person currently struggling with an eating disorder, Rosenman told HuffPost she would emphasize that recovery really is possible. 

"No one can do it for you; you have to make that conscious decision that you want to recover for yourself, no one else," she said. "Recovery is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes everything you’ve got. And reaching full recovery is the best gift I gave to myself and that you can give yourself." 

Scroll below to see Project Heal's campaign #WhatMakesMeBeautiful.

  • Kellie Brown
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is a kind heart and a red lip. 
  • Mary Alice Stephenson
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is my life's work making other women feel beautiful. 
  • Clementine Desseaux
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is empowering other women to stand up for themselves and for who they really are. 
  • Dylana Suarez
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is my imagination, my creativity and my love for sharing my passions. 
  • Kristina Saffran
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is the confidence that recovery has given me. 
  • Katherine Kung
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is confidence. 
  • Liana Rosenman
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is my ability to help and inspire others. 
  • Emme
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is my happiness. I choose to see the best in others and as much as I can, see the best in myself, which is really the most important thing we can do to live a happy life. 
  • Jennifer Wright
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is smarts, a sense of humor and occasionally a Tom Ford lipstick. 
  • Emily Costa
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is my determination and perseverance to never give up on what I want. 
  • Gretchen Meyer
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is having self-love so that anyone in my world is a bonus, and does not complete it. 
  • Christina Grasso
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is my loving heart, my strange sense of humor and Embryolisse.
  • Colleen Baker
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is turning my recovery into my passion while helping others do the same. I'm also pretty into my smile. 
  • Jenny
    Arthur Belebeau/Project HEAL
    #WhatMakesMeBeautiful is my ability to find the good in everybody and my sweet dance moves. 

Head over to Project Heal to read more about their work. 

If you're struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorder Association hotline at 1-800-931-2237.

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