New and upcoming wellness websites for you to follow in 2017

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Hey, and welcome to my personal selection of wellness websites.

I hand-picked each of these sites because they don’t belong to the elite of hugely popular websites that already attract millions of readers from all over the world.

Most of these are websites and bloggers that are still working hard to get their name out there and doing what they can to build a fan base. This roundup is my attempt at helping them succeed.

(But you should know that I am not getting compensated for this in any way!)

So visit their websites, bookmark them, subscribe to their newsletters or RSS feeds, share them with your friends, or help them out in any other way.

Also, the descriptions of what the websites are all about are their own words and they aren’t ordered in any particular way. I simply added the sites in the same order in which I connected with them.

1. Kyle Kranz

Kyle Kranz is a running coach who lives in Rapid City, South Dakota and works with runners all over the world as an online running coach. On his website, Kyle shares his near daily video upload or running advice article ranging from his training log, entrepreneur vlog, to thoughts and advice he has for people training for just about any race distance at any ability level.

As a previously obese and depressed high schooler to a sub-elite runner who has ran race distances up to 100 miles, he has an interesting take on training. Since he primarily coaches busy adult runners with jobs, school, and families, he tries to keep things simple and to the point, easy to take in and implement.

Through his athlete testimonials, the replies on twitter, and the quick videos on his Youtube channel, you can tell that Kyle is always trying to provide value to people in whatever way he can.

Visit his website here:

2. Zipongo

Zipongo is Eating Well Made Simple. Zipongo's platform enables digital nutrition support for large employers, health plans and health systems, and provides food utility tools to families that make it easier to consistently select and buy healthy food people love. 

Zipongo provides trusted food selection and buying environments for cooking and eating prepared meals, that meet the needs of diverse groups of people, with tools ranging from meal planning, recipes, grocery rewards and online grocery ordering, to menu coaching and mobile meal ordering.

Zipongo's HIPAA secure software-as-a-service platform is built to meet people where they are—at home, at work, or on the go, and deliver robust, anonymized population analytics back to enterprises.

Visit the website here:

3. Unlearn Rethink

Confronting the confusion of the many myths of popular nutrition and fitness, I try to weed through the scientific lingo and present true, evidence based conclusions in a way that is understandable for those who may not know how to translate the technical jargon of a scientific research study. I try to tackle one nutritional myth at a time, in an effort to challenge readers to unlearn and rethink topics that have been diluted over the years by junk science and just plain "hearsay."

Visit the website here:

4. Popular Diet Pills

Noah Rodolfo is a Filipino blogger, online marketer, and the founder of, a slimming supplement review and weight loss information site. has been serving thousands of people online since 2013 and is one of the most popular and reputable diet pill investigation entity in the industry.

Perly Rodolfo, Noah's wife, help research various supplements on the market that include sports nutrition brands, weight loss pills, diet drops, slimming teas, patches and more. We also offer detailed articles that involves weight loss and bodybuilding.

Learn more about us through our social media profiles - Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Visit the website

5. Universal Supplements

I started Universal Supplements on the basis of integrity, honesty and complete transparency. My dream was to create a company that is different. One that above all else focuses on customer satisfaction first. is one of the newer Australian online supplement stores. We don't have the big buying power of some of the market giants, but we are turning heads fast because of our unique approach.

We have kept our range small. We've gone for quality over quantity and have also worked hard to stock Australian brands where possible. This is how we have managed to cause such a splash. 

Our goal is to provide the customer with friendly, honest service by satisfying individual customers supplementation needs with a quality product. We pride ourselves on our superior product range which is based on extensive research into Australian manufacturers that deliver the absolute highest quality ingredients and breakdowns.

We have some ambitious plans for the future as we strive to become one of Australia’s leading online supplement stores.

Visit the website here:

6. Peaceful Planet

Peaceful Planet is a dietary supplement and environmentally-friendly product supplier dedicated to promoting global health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes. We started out in 2008 as a website dedicated to giving information on how to "go green without spending a lot of green." Now, we strive to sell super clean, all natural supplements made without toxic fillers or flow agents. You will find organic, fair trade and wild-harvested whole food supplements, as well as hydrolyzed collagen, desiccated liver capsules and Paleo protein powder from grass-fed and pasture raised cattle. When you buy from Peaceful Planet, you can rest assured that we've done the research for you and only the healthiest supplements get into our store.

At Peaceful Planet, we think it is important to have educated customers, so we write a regular blog about current health topics as well as give detailed information on our products. Some of our favorite manufacturers are Perfect Supplements, Catie's Energy Essential's, Green Pasture's, Walkabout Emu Oil and Rosita. We also sell water filters and stainless steel water bottles and lunch containers from New Wave Enviro. If you find it on Peaceful Plant, then it's healthy and eco-friendly.

Visit the website here:

7. BTE Fit

BTE Fit, or "Be The Example Fit", is a fitness and nutrition website owned and operated by Dr. Bradley Evsich, PT, DPT, ACSM-CPT, CSCS, FNS who's a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Dr. Evsich provides online personal training, contest prep, and diet coaching with an emphasis on "If It Fits Your Macros" and Flexible Dieting. This former Division 1 college baseball player and published author ("Macro-Banking for Fat Loss" on shows evidence against common fitness myths and provides truth to safe, effective, and unrestricted dieting. Check out his Instagram, @btefit, for fitness tips, meals, motivation, and workout ideas!

Visit the website here:

8. Nutrology

Nutrology is a naturally oriented sports nutrition company with an unique selection of products for anyone from professional athletes to soccer moms.  Want all natural 100% grass-fed whey protein for your morning smoothie? How about some Chia powder that tastes like peanut butter? Or you might need a beet root based energy drink infused with yerba mate that actually tastes good…check, check and check.

In addition to award winning products, is a great source of educational information. The "Whey Better Blog" and downloadable ebooks give consumers plenty of high quality content to browse while shopping. The emphasis on premium raw materials and lifestyle products makes Nutrology a fast riser in the sports nutrition category. Large retailers like GNC and Vitamin World have taken notice, recently introducing Nutrology products to their brink and mortar stores in an effort to sway consumers looking for healthier sports nutrition options.

Visit the website here:

9. Top10Supps helps fitness enthusiasts navigate the supplements industry and helps users in avoiding the wrong kinds of supplements, whether for a lack of effectiveness of those supplements or just questionable marketing gimmicks, the goal is to stay informed, and stay safe. Our passionate commitment to this belief remains strong since our origination. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality and valuable dietary supplement and nutrition information to our audiences. To go the extra mile, and remove the marketing masks on products, revealing their fundamental compositions, and evaluating the scientific soundness of the claims being made by supplement manufacturers. Stripping all misinformation and leaving only the truth for our audience, thus saving them money and time on their journey through fitness.

Visit the website here:

10. Green Plate Kate

Katie Garces is a nutritionist, wellness and life coach at Green Plate Kate.  A Nurse Practitioner by trade, Katie is also a Certified Nutritional Therapist and has advanced training in Eating Psychology and Spirituality. She is passionate about helping women live their best life; body, mind and spirit. 

Through group programs, her online community and individual coaching, Katie embraces her "Sexy, Spiritual & Sane” philosophy with the women she works with. 

  • Sexy: how we feel in our bodies, in our own skin. This encompasses diet/nutrition, movement, wellness &  all things vitality!
  • Spiritual: this is unique to everyone but  focuses on mindset, finding deeper connection, and purpose in our life. 
  • Sane: what women doesn’t have 8 balls in the air? How do we “keep it together” and thrive not just survive without sabotaging our health? (mental or physical?) This encompasses  life-balance, contentment and fulfillment.

Katie is a Colorado Native, wife, mom to twin boys and a fur baby. She loves helping women find their way to health, happiness and freedom from what weighs them down. Living in peace and ON PURPOSE! 

You can contact Katie here and are invited to join her private online Facebook community, Sexy Spiritual & Sane! 

Visit the website here:

11. Body Nutrition

Body Nutrition is your Xanax for your panic-attacks in the nutrition space. We’re putting the end to information overload.

I’ve found that I’m a happier person the more I move.

Simple as that. After playing college basketball a few years ago and settling into day-to-day life, I realized I’d let my diet and exercise slip.

That’s when a new-found obsession of all-things fitness lead to this blog. Then I partnered with a few other health professionals to better understand the research behind the products.

Thats where our research comes into play. Our team provides a research-based approach to foods, diets and supplements.

Visit the website here:

12. Supplement Reviews is a community of supplement enthusiasts who share their honest feedback about supplements they have tried. Unlike other so-called "unbiased review sites", we actually monitor our reviews, ban any spammers or undercover reps, and only approve reviews that are well-written and justify the rating given.  What's left is a database of quality reviews that you can trust.

Visit the website here:

13. Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising, Inc. ( is a nonprofit organization based in Madison, CT, whose mission is to be the go-to online resource dedicated to empowering consumers to protect themselves and one another against false advertising and deceptive marketing.

We aim to achieve our mission through investigative journalism, education, advocacy, and the promotion of truth in advertising. We are independently funded and do not accept any advertising dollars to support our work. received its initial funding from Seedlings Foundation, which supports programs that nourish the physical and mental health of children and families, and fosters an educated and engaged citizenship.

Visit the website here:

14. Fit Tip Daily is a cutting edge website that explores the most relevant and progressive information in fitness, diet, health, exercise and supplementation (backed by experience, science, education, and results). It also includes the ever addictive celebrity health section.

The daily tips can also be read on the site or received via the Fit Tip Daily App (in both the apple and android store) for easy access to all the news.

Last but not least, the "Body Burn 28 Day Quick Start" is an awesome guide that helps people reach their full potential by giving their health a makeover and showing them a step by step guide in health, fitness and diet.

Editor, creator and writer - Adria Ali - LA based trainer of over 15 years, BS, CES, PES CPT 

Visit the website here:

15. Healthy Lifestyle

At Healthy Lifestyle, we are more than just a gym. We will do everything possible to help you achieve your desired goals by working with you to develop a fitness program geared towards your personal wants and needs. We train clients of all ages and offer a variety of classes and services to help you achieve your goals in a way that is both easy and affordable.

No matter what your goal is, from weight loss, muscle gain and toning, nutrition counselling or simply improving your overall health, we will work with you to improve your fitness results. Stop on by to say hello and to schedule a free consultation. Let us prove to you why you should go on your fitness journey with Healthy Lifestyle!

Visit the website here:

16. Fitness Real

My name is Victor and I'm the creator of, a website created solely for the purpose of bringing objective, science-based, quality information regarding nutrition, exercise, supplementation and recovery to any fitness enthusiast that wants to learn more, eat better, get better results at the gym and, at the end of the day, live a better life.

As I put it often, my website is the one that I would have liked to find when I started working out. My main objective is for you not to commit the same mistakes I did. Hopefully, I can save you a few years of trial and error and no results.

Visit the website here:

17. CrossFit 626

CrossFit 626, was founded in 2011 on the principles of fitness, community, accountability and excellence. It is our mission to educate people of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels to BE MORE.

We specialize in making a connection, understanding and guiding people through life. Fitness is the inspiration and better function is a byproduct. We are known for our excellence in coaching individuals, whether that be in a group setting or on a one to one basis.

Visit the website here:

18. The Farm Barbie

For a fresh approach to healthy living visit Candi at TheFarmBarbie is not your typical "healthy living" website. Candi is taking a radical approach to her and her family's health.  She is not only eating a real food diet – she is raising the foods she is eating.

Her personal journey to take control of her diet has transformed their health and also provided a more rich, fulfilling, abundant life. On her website, Candi teaches, inspires and empowers others to reclaim thier health with food.  Her simple, step-by-step approach makes it possible for everyone to enjoy all the foods they love while gaining more nutrition, increasing energy, achieving weight loss, feeling healthier and even simplifying meal preparation.  

A little fitness regimen is built-in to her adventurous lifestyle and includes: milking cows, gardening, making butter, kneading bread and chasing piglets.  If you’ve ever considered starting a little garden or getting a couple of laying hens – look no further!  If a farm is nowhere in your future, Candi’s words and life will still inspire you.  She is a believer that farms are optional but eating real foods is obtainable for all. Her site is one you won’t want to miss!

Visit the website here:

19. Tuit Nutrition

Tuit Nutrition is the blog of Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP. She’s a U.S. Air Force veteran, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in helping people with low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, and Paleo-style diets. She focuses on nutritional support for issues related to insulin resistance, including obesity, type-2 diabetes, PCOS, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Her motto is, “Real people need real food!” She loves showing people that getting and staying well don't require starvation, deprivation, or living at the gym, and enjoys turning conventional nutrition advice on its head. (Who wouldn’t love a way of eating where you get to eat steak and bacon, and don’t have to choke down raw kale?) Her blog covers a wide range of health and nutrition-related topics, such as insulin, metabolism, weight loss, thyroid function, and more. She is the author of The Alzheimer's Antidote: Using a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet to Fight Alzheimer'sDisease, Memory Loss, and Cognitive Decline.

Visit the website here:

20. Ben Greenfield Fitness

Voted as the top personal trainer in the USA and one of the world’s most influential people in health and fitness for 2013 and 2014, Ben Greenfield – Fitness And Lifestyle Performance Coach is head coach at Greenfield Fitess Systems, an Ironman triathlete, Spartan racer, nutritionist, and fitness coach. He holds masters degrees in ex1rcise physiology and biomechanics, and advanced certifications in sports nutrition, personal training, and strength and conditioning.

With over a decade of experience helping professional, collegiate and recreational athletes and exercise enthusiasts achieve their goals, and using practical methods and cutting-edge science, he teaches you how to use the most efficient techniques possible to transform your body, achieve your physical goals and become superhuman – whether you want to finish a triathlon, shed a few pounds, or just live as long and healthy as possible.

Visit the website here:

21. Project Life Mastery

The purpose of Project Life Mastery is to be a source of inspiration and change for those who refuse to settle for anything less than an extraordinary life. On PLM, Stefan James will openly and passionately share all of the knowledge, tools, resources, and strategies that he continues to discover that have made a measurable difference to his quality of life, and will for you as well.

Project Life Mastery is dedicated to focusing on helping ourselves and others live a life of balance.  Stefan believes that there are 7 master areas for an extraordinary life, and each area requires constant growth, focus, and commitment. We invite you to use this website as a resource to help you achieve your goals and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Feel free to browse the different posts, pages and categories of this website for whatever suits your needs. If Project Life Mastery can help or inspire you in any way that we can, then there’s nothing that would make us happier.

Project Life Mastery is dedicated to focusing on helping ourselves and others live a life of balance.  Stefan believes that there are 7 master areas for an extraordinary life, and each area requires constant growth, focus, and commitment. We invite you to use this website as a resource to help you achieve your goals and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Feel free to browse the different posts, pages and categories of this website for whatever suits your needs. If Project Life Mastery can help or inspire you in any way that we can, then there’s nothing that would make us happier.

Visit the website here:

22. Supplement Geek

Ever wonder if that dietary supplement you saw on TV really worked or not? is a consumer-centric review site that provides the public with completely free unbiased reviews of dietary supplements. The reviews grounded in science and easy to read and contain no hype, spin or testimonials. That way, you can get the facts in plain English. If a supplement works, you’ll see the evidence. If a supplement does not work, you’ll see that evidence too.

In short, is a treasure trove of reviews and insights that lets you cut through the hype, see the pluses and minuses to let you better decide if a product you are interested in is right for you. The author of the site does not work for any supplement company and has been investigating dietary supplements since the 1990s.

Visit the website here:

23. Joe Cannon

Joe Cannon is an exercise physiologist, writer and lecturer who trains personal trainers and educates the public about health and wellness. On his personal website, he writes about health and fitness topics that are often ahead of the curve. He was one of the first people to alert the public about exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis and later wrote the first book in the US about this topic.

He also helps personal trainers learn about different fitness certifications and how to pick certifications that are right for them. He is also the creator of which provides unbiased reviews of dietary supplements.

Visit the website here:

24. PaleoEdge

PaleoEdge is a dedicated, scientific resource about supplementation, sports nutrition, genetics and a modern Paleolithic lifestyle. Written by genetic nutritionist Alex Swanson M.S., the founder of Nutrition Genome, the blog features cutting-edge research and dissects the best and worst products on the market. 

The PaleoEdge "Best and Worst" series analyzes electrolyte drinks, whey protein powders, plant-based protein powders, multivitamins, adaptogens and more. Other articles explore areas such as mental health, pregnancy, and athletic performance. Alex's unbiased approach and engagement with his audience make PaleoEdge a trusted source of research.

Visit the website here:

25. Supplement Police’s organic origins stem from actively searching and seeking awareness for whole body lifestyle optimization. From dieting, eating and meal plans, to fitness, exercise and workout guides, to nutritional supplement facts, stacks and ingredient packs; our ‘macho mojo motto’ is “we care more about your health than you do”.

While maintaining quality as our priority, with a genuine goal and authentic aim at highlighting the best health products and top wellness programs; we fully intend to help shift and shape the written health history story from illn6ss to wellness, ignorance to intelligence and toxic to therapeutic. Organizing easy to understand searcher-friendly researched reviews that invite comments, suggestions and results from people just like you are why we exist.

Humbly hoping to help ‘serve and protect’ our valued virtual visitors with higher integrity and trusted transparency; the plan is to continue creating a conscious commitment of connecting and collaborating with companies and products for everyone’s greater good of the whole, benefiting the brand and bridging the buyer. Around here, a healthier tomorrow starts today.

Visit the website here:

26. Exercise is a flexible web and mobile platform for you to log any style of workout from yoga to weightlifting. You can find workouts from top experts or create your own. They allow you to get the most from your exercise by making it easy to stay on track with an automated schedule, log your workouts via web or app, and track your progress over time. If you are a fitness professional or gym owner, offers a business platform for you to deliver workout plans with engaging benefits (videos, mobile apps, etc.) that can easily be sold, offered as part of an online training membership, or delivered to individual clients.

Visit the website here:

27. Nutrient Journal

Nutrient Journal is a compendium of science-based articles with relevant information about specific nutrients which are typically marketed towards athletes with claims to improve their performance, weight loss etc. Our site is also one of the few to really present objective, independent, unbiased and up-to-date content. All our articles are also fully cited with scientific literature for reassurance and for further reading. Articles are nicely grouped by goals one might seek (such as testosterone boost, muscle gain, weight loss,...) or just as a huge alphabetically ordered list of about 170 examined nutrients.

Visit the website here:

28. Guided Fitness

Guided Fitness is an online market place where people can find and hire fitness coaches (personal trainers, yoga instructors, etc.). We have about 110 coaches active mainly in the Seattle and Denver regions. We are unique in that clients don’t need to have gym memberships to hire coaches, yet have access to all the gyms in our gym network on a pay per use basis at low cost. Our coaches are very affordable and happy to work with clients at their homes or outdoors.

We have complete and up to date coach profiles each with a video featuring the coach’s self-introduction and customer reviews. Clients can message trainers on the site if there are questions. Once a client starts training, payments and scheduling are handled on the site automatically. We also integrate with client’s calendar and use text messages for reminders and confirmations.  

Visit the website here:

29. Gym Talk

GymTalk is a fitness blog chiefly concerned with bodybuilding and strength training. It draws inspiration from the principles of the pre-steroid era – particularly the wisdom of Steve Reeves, Reg Park and John Grimek – and preaches the gospel of hard work and heavy full-body training over modern split routines and isolation work.

GymTalk features regular contributions from a group of friends who all fit a passion for health and fitness around busy 9-to-5 lives, and all articles are underscored with a mischievous, irreverent sense of humour that gives the website a distinctive personality and sets it apart from the multitude of other sites in the fitness blogosphere.

Visit the website here:


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