9 Gifts The Cook In Your Life ACTUALLY Wants And Needs

We're getting practical here.

11/30/2016 06:00 am ET | Updated Nov 30, 2016

Picking a gift for a food-loving friend or loved one always seems like an easy task. Just walk into a kitchen store and pick what looks most intriguing, right? WRONG. That’s how you end up burdening one of your favorite people with more immersion blenders than they know what to do with, or worse, a completely useless kitchen gadget

As food people who are the recipients of such good (yet misguided) intention, let us guide you this year. We have a list of gifts for cooks that are not only a whole lot less expensive than that ice cream maker you think your person really wants, but are also guaranteed to be appreciated. We’re talking basics here, and sometimes that’s the best way to go. 

  • 1 Baker's Twine
    Nuntika via Getty Images
    It's one of those things that home cooks only remember when they need it. They'll think of you every time this bundle comes to their rescue.
  • 2 Wooden Spoons
    Jupiterimages via Getty Images
    There are never enough wooden spoons. Never.
  • 3 Parchment Paper
    Lucia Lambriex via Getty Images
    Parchment paper is not only essential in baking, but it makes for easy cleanup in cooking tasks, too. (Plus, it means you can make en papillote on a whim.) It's also one of those things that many home cooks (ahem, raising my hand here) always forget to put on their grocery list.
  • 4 Mason Jars
    Eda Ho via Getty Images
    Mason jars serve more uses than you can ever imagine. They're also always being given away with goodies inside them by your food-loving friend, so there's a constant need for more.
  • 5 Cheesecloth
    Ngoc Minh Ngo via Getty Images
    Cheesecloth is good for more than making cheese in the kitchen -- it's one of those things that's just good to have on hand.
  • 6 Flaked Sea Salt
    OlgaMiltsova via Getty Images
    This is love. And no, we're not talking about the course crystals. This is the FLAKED kind (Maldon makes a great version).
  • 7 Digital Meat Thermometer
    Warren_Price via Getty Images
    So important to making a dinner great -- and they're always due for an upgrade.
  • 8 Cake Pin
    Help your baking friends stop using up all their toothpicks. This cake pin dedicated to testing a cake's doneness will do just that. Plus, they usually don't cost more than a couple bucks. Buy your friend a handful of them, for when he/she inevitably loses one or two.
  • 9 Rubber Spatulas
    rstpierr via Getty Images
    Rubber spatulas, of all shapes and sizes. These are so, so, so great in the kitchen. They don't last forever, so having a refresh is a great gift.



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