Cinder Block Found On Gas Pedal Of Car That Crashed Into Home, Police Say

12/10/2013 11:48 am ET

A car that crashed into an Orange County, Fla. home early this morning had a cinder block on its gas pedal and no driver -- indicating that the collision may have been intentional.

Three people, including a mom and her two children, were sleeping in the home when they heard -- and felt -- a silver sedan smash through the front door. None of them were hurt, but 18-year-old Nakita O'Neal told WESH that the wreckage was inches away from her bedroom door.

"It was inches away from my room and my brother's room is down the hall, so it was like the back end of the car was toward him," O'Neal said. "My mom could see the headlights from her room."

The house is now uninhabitable and the Red Cross responded to help the family, according to WFTV.

It wasn't immediately clear why someone would intentionally crash into the home. Police say the vehicle wasn't stolen, and wasn't registered in Orange County. Further details weren't released.

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