Here Are Some Luminaries Who, Umm, Have Endorsed Donald Trump

A flat-Earth truther, a sheriff found guilty of racial profiling and Hulk Hogan.

01/27/2016 05:01 pm ET | Updated Jan 28, 2016

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been amassing endorsements from politicians, pundits, and professional athletes in recent months. With Nazi-loving reality TV stars as his friends, who needs enemies?

Here are a few celebrities who say they'll be voting for The Donald this year:

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  • Political pundit Ann Coulter threw her support behind Trump when she was a guest on “The Eric Metaxas Show.”  

    “What is the point of talking about abortion or anything else -- unless you get Donald Trump in to build the wall, deport illegals, end this ‘anchor baby’ nonsense, stop importing 100,000 Muslims a year in addition to 2 million Third Worlders per year,” Coulter said. “It’s madness what this country has been doing.” 

    Coulter went on to warn viewers that if Trump wasn't elected, there would never be another Republican president due to a “Supreme Court of nine Ruth Bader Ginsburgs.”
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  • Former WWE pro wrestler Hulk Hogan not only endorses Trump, but he also told TMZ last year he wants to be Trump's running mate.

    Asked which presidential candidate he most wanted to fight, Hogan responded, “I don’t want to be in the ring with any candidates. I want to be Trump’s running mate.” 

    “Did you hear that? Vice President Hogan?” he added. 

    The WWE cut ties with Hogan last July after a video of him using racial slurs surfaced online.
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  • Aissa Wayne, daughter of movie icon John Wayne, has thrown her support behind Trump's presidential bid. She made the endorsement at the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Iowa in front of a life-size, gun-toting figurine of The Duke.

    Aissa Wayne said her father would endorse Trump if he were alive.

    "The reason I am here to support Mr. Trump is because America needs help, and we need a strong leader, and we need someone like Mr. Trump with leadership qualities, someone with courage, someone who is strong like John Wayne," she said.

    "And I'll tell you what: If John Wayne were around, he'd be standing right here instead of me," she added.

    Ethan Wayne, president of John Wayne Enterprises and another child of the actor, has since released a statement that Aissa was operating independently of the family.
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  • Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University and the son of late televangelist Jerry Lamon Falwell, endorsed Trump days before the pivotal Iowa caucuses.  

    “In my opinion, Donald Trump lives a life of loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the great commandment,” Falwell said. “He cannot be bought, he's not a puppet on a string like many other candidates ... who have wealthy donors as their puppet masters.” 

    When the presidential hopeful visited Liberty University's campus, Falwell effusively compared Trump to his own father.

    Other evangelical Christians have since voiced their frustration with Falwell's endorsement, citing Trump's alleged sexual affairs and claims of spousal abuse

    John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, told Politico in a statement that Trump was "the most immoral and ungodly man to ever run for President of the United States."
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  • Tila Tequila, a reality TV star and flat Earth conspiracy theorist who once claimed to be a "robotoid clone," will be voting for Trump this year.

    In the middle of a transphobic Twitter rant about Caitlyn Jenner, she tweeted, "I only want @realDonaldTrump to win so to smite some of my enemies, kill the politically correct, and basically make America great again!"

    Tequila was recently kicked off "Celebrity Big Brother" for praising Adolf Hitler and posing in Hitler and Nazi-inspired outfits on social media.
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  • The self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff in America," Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, has endorsed Trump. 

    Over the years, Arpaio has made his nativist beliefs known through his divisive comments about immigrants. In 2013, a federal court found Arpaio guilty of racially profiling Latinos at traffic stops. This is only one of many lawsuits brought against him in his 23 years as sheriff.

    “It’s easy for me to endorse [Trump],” Arpaio said. “It’s just common sense. Why would I not want to endorse him? Everything that I believe in, he believes in.”
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  • Former baseball player John Rocker told The Daily Caller that Trump is "that guy" for America. 

    “I think [Trump] has really woken America up," Rocker said. "I’m probably as disheartened as everyone else is, as Trump supporters seem to be, with the status quo and the glad-handing politicians and the soundbite politicians always looking for the right comment to make and walking that fine line, trying to make every single faction out there who could be a possible voter, don’t make anybody mad and wear kid gloves.”

    Rocker once told Sports Illustrated that New York City was full of “degenerates,” and said he would rather retire than ride the subway with “some queer with AIDS” and “some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time.”

    He's also sold shirts that read "Speak English" on his website.
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  • Former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Trump for president while the two were in Iowa ahead of the caucuses. 

    "The status quo has got to go, otherwise we're just going to get more of the same. And with their failed agenda, it can't be salvaged. It must be savaged. And Donald Trump is the right one to do that," Palin told a crowd of Trump supporters.

    "He builds things, he builds big things. Things that touch the sky. Big infrastructure that puts other people to work. He has spent his life looking up and respecting the hard hats and the steel-toed boots and the work ethic that you all have within you," Palin said. "This self-made success of his, you know that he doesn't get his power, his high, off of opium [OPM] -- other people's money -- like a lot of dopes in Washington do. They're addicted to opium, where they take other people's money and then their high is getting to redistribute it, right?" 

    While commenters panned Palin's endorsement as "word salad," her support means more tea partiers and evangelicals might join her in the Trump camp.

Note to our readers: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynistbirther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims -- 1.6 billion members of an entire religion -- from entering the U.S.

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