Televangelist Rick Joyner Says Donald Trump Is Like All Of Jesus' Disciples At Once

"Every one of them were Donald Trumps."

11/30/2016 04:48 am ET

Televangelist Rick Joyner said Donald Trump is like the disciples of Jesus Christ ― and not just one of them. 

Apparently, Trump is all of them.

In a clip posted online by Right Wing Watch, Joyner claimed that while Trump doesn’t respect politicians, he respects the clergy and has a “remarkable fear of the Lord.”

Then, the MorningStar Ministries pastor compared the president-elect to the biblical disciples: 

“If you look at the disciples that Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump. Every one of them were Donald Trumps. I mean they were some of the edgiest, hardest... you know... who else would’ve ever chosen any of them?”

Joyner is a climate change denier who has dismissed global warming as a communist plot. He has also called on the military to overthrow the federal government and declare martial law.

(h/t Raw Story)

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