12/05/2016 09:16 am ET

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Surprises Mother At The Grocery Store By Paying Her Bill

You might be a really nice person if ...

Allison Joyce / Reuters
Comedian Jeff Foxworthy paid it forward this weekend. 

Here’s a touching story to brighten up your Monday morning. 

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy paid it forward, literally, over the weekend when he decided to foot the bill for a woman named Robin McFadden at the grocery store.  

McFadden told Fox 5 she decided to go “couponing” at the store with her three sons after one of them finished a basketball game. 

“I was at the register and between me worrying about my items and the kids fussing, I didn’t even know that Jeff Foxworthy was standing behind me,” she said.

McFadden said that she overheard a man ask the cashier how much cash she needed to cover the bill, which was a total of about $25. When she turned around, she realized it was Foxworthy. 

“He laughed, walked around me, put his card in the machine and said ‘watch this.’  I told him that he was going to make me cry, gave him a hug, thanked him and took the photo!”

McFadden shared the photo of herself with the comedian on Facebook, writing, “The kids were restless and look who was behind me. He paid for my order when I wasn’t looking! I love Jeff Foxworthy!” 


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