02/17/2017 09:14 am ET | Updated Feb 17, 2017

Wait Till You See How This Brooklyn Jewelry Store Owner Fights Off Robbers

“There were a bunch of items on display here that I managed to break on their heads," he said.

He was resourceful ― and brave. A Brooklyn, New York, jewelry store owner beat back masked robbers with any item he could get his hands on and chased them out of the store, CBS reported Thursday.

The suspects had already placed a bag on a female employee’s head and were grabbing up merchandise at the shop, Elleven, when Nisim Cohen stormed in from upstairs after hearing his employee yell, newly released surveillance video indicates.

A clip of the Feb. 10 incident, which can be seen above, shows Cohen hurling items at the suspects before grabbing a piece of wood paneling and slamming one suspect’s head with it as he chases them out the door.

Cohen followed the robbers down the street and managed to wipe ice away from the getaway vehicle’s license plate to get the number before they sped off, CBS noted. “I’m still angry,” he said.

Cohen told DNAinfo that he used whatever was available as a weapon, including an antique scale. “There were a bunch of items on display here that I managed to break on their heads, and they ran out,” he said. “I got one of them good, and that’s what kind of backed him up.”

Neither the unidentified employee nor Cohen were injured, he told DNAInfo. He declined to divulge what the suspects managed to steal.

No arrests have been made, the NYPD told The Huffington Post early Friday.


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