Lazy Dog Shows This Roomba Who's The Master

Just let sleeping dogs lie.

12/16/2016 06:57 am ET | Updated Dec 16, 2016

Sometimes cleaning the floor just has to wait. Especially if you’re a very tired dog and not in the mood to get to your feet to make way for a pushy Roomba to vacuum.

Texas dog owners Julie and Andrew Zak posted a video to YouTube this month showing a standoff between their Roomba trying doggedly to clean a section of the floor and their puppy, Gauge, who was trying to get some shut-eye on the very same spot.

The machine ends up outlining Guage’s body on the floor before the blue lacy, a native Texas breed and the state dog, slowly, reluctantly finally stands up.

The Zaks, who are from Tomball, told ABC13-TV that they adopted Gauge a few months ago after he and his siblings were dropped off at a prison in Huntsville when they were less than two weeks old. The prisoners tried to care for them but they were extremely fragile because they had been taken from their mother far too soon. A Houston rescue group nursed the pups back to health and then put them up for adoption.

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